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  1.  Black Ops 2 PC - An improvement in the Series


    Well, forget the previous comment. Some people think that running Windows 7 on a 2 year old PC with a 5 year old graphics card are "up to date". Nope, this is why the PC versions of this series have continued to show increasing quality differences between the PC and their console counterparts! I am currently running BO2 with a i7 Quad Core 2.8 processor, 560Ti Nvidia card and 8Gb of RAM. What a beautiful game. The only thing that slows it down at full eye candy of 1920x1080 with FSAA FXAA and all textures on high is the Ambient Occlusion. This has always been known to need a behemoth of a graphics card to run with everything on switched on, but turning it off still gives me frame rates of over 60 per second.

    Beautiful maps, a far improved sound system similar to the Battlefield series and I feed a lot more responsive than MW3, many people put off by the last IW release will be hopefully refreshed with this version from Treyarch. I hated MW3 - it was MW2 with new maps. This is certainly a step up from the original Black Ops and it's worth every penny as far as I am concerned. Enjoy!

  2.  Black Oops!


    Few things to mention - campaign single player is scattered about like cow poops in a field. Not very well stitched together and a bit tedious.
    Multiplayer pretty good, looks a little like Medal of Honor graphical mapping.
    For the idiots that complain about graphical glitches and lumpy FPS, please remember that it says about System Requirements of 8600GT Graphics cards. This actually means that you cannot run it on a Pentium 1 200 with 16Mb of RAM with a 12Mb 3dfx graphics card. Nope, that GeForce 2 MMX with 32Mb of RAM won't quite cut the mustard either!
    Running it at full blast 1920x1080 full all textures on full on a GTX460 1Gb card with 8Gb and i7 2.8Gz and it runs as smooth as a lightly buttered bannister.
    Still a pretty hopeless offering compared to IW's MW2..

  3.  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear


    Well, after having played this excuse for a game for little over an hour, I have to say what a pile of garbage!
    I can aim extremely accurately and put half a dozen rounds into the AI and they're still standing? Nice graphics, a little glitchy though as there is no option to enable VSync within the graphics controls. Poor storyline, poor AI and extremely poor weaponry.
    This is supposed to be "Sniper", as the title suggests, but there's very little sniping as far as I can see. Perhaps City Interactive should stick to writing crap programmes such as Hotel Giant and Railroad Tycoon.

  4.  Another 2K Winner


    What a superb sequel! Beautiful, colourful, vibrant graphics. Excellent storyline coupled with great gameplay and intelligent AI. I never thought the original Bioshock could be usurped as my favourite game of all time, but this is better with smoother graphics. Haven't tried multiplayer as yet due to problems with NAT translation on my Homehub, but if it is as good as the single player, you can't get better value for money.

  5.  Why slate it?


    Fed up with seeing all these "It's written for a console, it's written for the Xbox, it's written for the PS3" - stop whinging - it's £25 to buy and provides more entertainment than a similarly costing blu-ray disc. If you have a decent enough PC, you can jack up the graphics to 1920x1200 like I can and they look damned stunning. I don't think anyone could bring out a game nowadays without someone whinging their little nads about something.
    Whingers out there - why aren't you involved in software development/programming if you're that unhappy??

    I think this game is awesome and I have been a gamer since most of you were peeing your diapers!!

  6. BioShock



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     Bioshock - Why so long??


    Well, if anyone had actually bothered to notice, when Bioshock was originally released on PC and Xbox 360, it actually said "Only on PC and Xbox 360" on the DVD cases. Considering that Microsoft own both of these platforms, why do you think 2k didn't release it until now on the PS3 - because they weren't allowed to. The £30 is a reasonable price as the game still has to be ported onto the PS3 platform, thoroughly tested for bugs and more importantly, has to be re-marketed for the PS3 platform.

  7.  Burnout : Paradise Lost


    How long will it take to learn the entire city on this game? Weeks, months, years. Some people need parameters and tracks. Only played this twice now - compared to Revenge where I have racked up over 600 hours of gameplay as it was so addictive. How are you supposed to even contemplate looking at a map and compass doing 180mph??? Would have been so much more helpful if the map actually rotated around your position as it can get a bit confusing which way you're supposed to turn next!