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  1.  Absolutely Amazing.


    When I saw this film I straight away fell in love with the music. Christina Aguilera steals 8 of the songs on the album, leaving the other 2 to Cher.

    I've always thought Christina had a beautiful voice, but she is definitely at her best on this album, especially in songs such as like 'Something's Got A Hold On Me', 'Tough Lover', 'Bound To You' and 'Show Me How You Burlesque'.

    Cher's balld 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' is absolutely stunning and possibly my favourite song from the soundtrack. The song was also used as Cher's comeback single.

    Personal favourites are:
    'Tough Lover'
    'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me'
    'Bound To You'
    'Show Me How You Burlesque'

  2.  AGH! Amazing Game!


    Absolutely amazing game with fantastic graphics, fun controls and simply the BEST storyline i've ever played in a game.

    I recommend this to EVERYONE :)

  3.  Amazing Album!


    This album is brilliant. Whilst I was walking around town I played the entire album through 3 times. (I had only listened to Never Alone beforehand).

    Every songs has a significant meaning, and each one is sung with emotion.

    My favourite songs are Never Alone, You Led Me & Mirror.

  4.  Amazing!


    This album is phenomenal, a collection of Within Temptation's greatest hits re-done in acoustic. Most songs sound different than they do on CD, for example the intros to Stand My Ground, Frozen, Pale etc.

    The only problem I have, is why is their new single 'Utopia' not live like all the other tracks? But I try not to think of that.

    This is a must buy for all Within Temptation fans, and even people who are unaware of them will enjoy this album!

  5.  One of the best albums ever made...


    I first heard about Within Temptation when I randomly decided to watch Kerrang! on TV, 'What Have You Done' came on and it was absolutely amazing! From there I went straight to youtube where I typed in Within Temptation and listened to 'Stand My Ground' - again I was amazed.

    I have all 4 of WT's albums and The Silent Force is most definately the best one ever!

    I think the best song would have to be:
    1.See Who I Am
    4.Stand My Ground
    6.Forsaken - My Favourite =D

    The bonus songs are amazing:
    12. A Dangerous Mind - The 'Rock-iest' song on the album!
    13. The Swan Song - Absolutely beautiful!

  6.  Brilliant! But not for the arachnaphobic...


    I love this game, i've played over and over again. But i'm petrified of spiders, and during one level, giant spiders jump at you and attack you, I'm warning you now that you may scream!!! But, other than that, IT'S A FANTASTIC GAME!!

  7.  Brilliant Game... But With A Lot Of Problems


    People all over the world have been complaining about The Sims 2 Bon Voyage breaking their computer, Unfortunately i am one of these people. It is not the computer being unable to cope with TheSims 2, I know this for 2 reasons - 1) I have every other expansion pack and it works perfectly fine and 2) I have a computer that is made to have games installed on it (Alienware Computer) The sims 2 Bon voyage is, though, one of the best expansion packs, but is always a risk whether your computer will accept it, or cause a virus. F.Y.I the virus is what's known as the blue screen of death, you load the game but the screen turns blue with a lot of white writing, the computer will then restart itself only to fail again!

  8.  Simply The Best Book EVER!


    This book was amazing, Stephenie Meyer is an amazing author, her descriptive skills are simply the best! I can't describe how much i loved and thoroughly enjoyed this book, a true must-read enchantiong novel for all teenager, male or female, to read!

  9.  Stardust = #1


    Absolutely amazing! This film is funny and yet tense. I first saw it on an airplane but immediately looked away, regretably!

    I gave it another go when it came to Sky+ for the first time, I instantly fell in love with it!

    Acting is amazing, especially by Charlie Cox, Claire Danes and Michelle Pfieffer!

    It made me laugh quite a bit, especially when Tristen first meets Yvaine.

    A Must-See!!

  10.  Unimpressed


    Well... Epic Movie? Major dissapointment! It's okay the first time you see it, but terrible when watched again. The spoof guys have really let themselves down with this and Disaster Movie.