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  1.  Coldplay at their best BUT in SD


    An great Concert and a long time coming Last one was 2003.
    Featuring music from Paris and Madrid its a concert that can not be missed.
    The Menus are OUTSTANDING and awesome, easy to negociate.
    My only quarm is that its upscaled SD recordings and Superwide screen. Otherwise brill

  2.  Look Vegita... Its a Pokemon


    Thanks to the ABRIDGED take on the saga its safe to say even after 20 years this is definately a fan favourite

    It may not be KAI with HD footage and a shorter length but you get the full unedited version including the LONG screams where even the voice actors passed out...



    Yes you read correctly 5! not only do you get MGS2, MGS3 & Peace Walker, but you also get Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake!
    The HD upgrade is fantastic FULL SCREEN sequences, pin sharp and BETTER than they where before!
    MGS2 is actually MGS2 Substance & MGS3 is MGS3 Subsistence with the 3D camera, Ape missions and lots of European bonuses.NOTE: Review of US copy (Tho unlikely to be different)

  4.  Rereleased the "Dedication" edition


    Rereleased shortly after Gary Moore's death this is the deluxe sleeve version of the album featuring a bonus DVD of many of the tracks from the album and a rare interview with VH1 from 1994
    It also has a long tribute by "Geoff Barton" of Classic Rock magazine.
    Overall a wonderful package \m/

  5.  Naruto Gets older,,,,, But Wiser?


    Naruto is back from his 3 years of training, now older and more experienced you would expect him to be alot calmer and relaxed, well that just ain't naruto....
    This 52 Episode set over 8 disks revolves around the rescue of sasuke as main point of the arc. You get a preview of #52 in #1 but its not enough to spoil anything so don't worry.
    Its a good start to the Shippuden saga and if Naruto Unleashed is anything to go by its only going to get more epic from now on....

  6.  HARUHI SUZUMIYA'S OTHER WORK! - An under appreciated Classic


    24 & 1 OVA long this is a very comic take on the slice of life genre, featuring many of the Haruhi Suzumiya Cast in BOTH English & Japanese dubs inc Hirano Aya (Wendee Lee), Chihara Minori & Shirashi Minaro
    The Bonus stuff is also excellent and well worth a watch.
    I highly recommend this series to anyone its worth a purchase.



    Another huge anime from the sadly now gone CN's Toonami.
    26 Episodes of Glorious Space Pirate Adventure
    Excellent in English & Japanese dubs. It has an excellent twist of Alchemy, magic caster bullets & some charcters you'll just love forever.
    One of the best Toonami Classics with Escaflowne & Cowboy Bebop

  8.  An epic Anime CLASSIC


    I watched this long agoi on Fox Kids (Jetix) and its one of my favourite anime classics.
    I highly recommend this to any fan of Gundam, Mythology & Romance.
    and at 15 quid BARGIN.
    Note: Image of collection different to shown

  9.  Anime at its best, what better theme than "Dreams"


    For any anime fan from the casual watcher to the dare I say Otaku...
    This is a fantastic series, which will pull any kind of anime fan deep within, this is due to its varied story narrative and the basis of dreaming it can easily relate to anyones taste.
    The Japanese dub is excellent, the American dub is very good but I feel it went wrong with Asahina's voice and Haruhi's singing during the Concert episode (See YouTube Cristina Vee for best example of english version of God Knows & Lost my Music)
    The LE is definately worth having not only do you get the TRUE original order of episodes as seen in Japan, but you also get 4 of the best single CD's a bunch of extras and fantastic storage box for the WHOLE SERIES!

    On a foot note to those who all ready own Haruhi, Lucky Star is out next Month so you better be importing that.
    I am...

  10.  I've seen the full series...


    I have the fortune to be able to understand Japanese and I got to view all 26 Episodes of this.
    My conclusion is that It has a very Complete plot which is much better than the 1990's adaption. My only quible is the fights aren't as spectacular.
    But if you are after a near perfect interpretation of the Manga original this is it...
    P.S. Look forward to seeing "Gigantic Guyver" its so cool...