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  1.  Mission Scrubbed


    I loved Operation Flashpoint (Add on packs included) on the PC despite its little bugs here & there. Naturally I was looking forward to this release, even if it is 10 years too late.

    This is just another great game sabotaged by the developers.
    If you like Operation Flashpoint stay away from it but if you are new to this kind of thing you may like it because you will not have expectations from the original game.
    It is nothing like Operation Flashpoint and is far more in line with Battlefield, Call Of Duty or Americas Army. The only thing that makes this game Operation Flashpoint is the title.
    Hybrid Simulators & Arcade games do not work so give it up, just make it one or the other.

    The AI of your squad in Operation Flashpoint original was good when it came to following orders and putting fire down on the enemy. In Operation Flashpoint 2 the AI is pathetic at best, they have problems hitting targets and following orders at times that result in too many restarts.
    When you restart in the middle of a fire fight it will start with a dark screen so you can't see anything while the enemy close in on you shooting = bang, restart, bang, restart Grrrrrrrr.
    Leave the squad behind where they are safe because they are just a liability most of the time.
    " Fire at will " is great but they don't know which one is Will so it is just your ammo going down as you win the war alone. The bodies disappear quickly so in a tight spot when you are low on ammo there are no enemy weapons around to use.

    The control system and aiming with sticks can be so hard that you usually spend more time fighting the control system than the enemy shooting at you.
    No weapon load out unlike the original Operation Flashpoint.
    No aim assist that is badly needed because you do not have the fine control of your gun sight unlike with a mouse. This makes a fire fight hard.

    Software houses don't have a clue, I expect a product to work and evolve not become so apathetic or novice that I lose interest in gaming. You get the feelling that this title is being sold on the strength of the sales of the original " Operation Flashpoint " and in reality they have little in common.

    Codemasters was once a great name in gaming so what happened ?
    This sequel game had massive innovative potential and they destroyed it.
    Will this game get any awards as did the original Operation Flashpoint ?
    Just making a game look good without playability is a bad call.

    If you like Battlefield, Call of Duty or Americas Army you may like it.

  2.  Bandit at 12 O'clock


    If you want a short arcade shooter then you will not be disappointed with this game.

    If you have played the PC version of the Sturmovik IL2 flight simulator series then you will not be impressed with this.

    After playing this (also the PC simulator - Whirlwind Over Vietnam by the same people) I got the impression the IL2 boys need another firm to hire them.

    I took it to the second hand store on completion in less than 8 unsatisfying hours.

    It looks ok and that is all it has to offer as a flight simulator. You cannot change your gun crossover points, all of the Gunner positions are in 3rd person view only and the cockpits of some planes are not even available !

    I can only assume that the game companies meddle with the creation process of writers because It is perfectly clear that the software programmers of IL2 know their stuff when it comes to accurate plane or helicopter design in fine detail, so what goes wrong ?

    Could have been so much better just like Whirlwind could have but failed miserably. What a pity.
    If you want a simulator leave it alone and maybe one day we will see one.

  3.  The camera that reaches parts that other cams cannot reach.


    I finally give in to temptation and made this purchase. The average retail for this camera is £50. - £55.
    The camera is surprisingly good quality for the money and the magnification is very impressive but the rest of the package suffers a little.

    The camera is a 640 x 480 1.3Gb Cmos chip. I have managed to take some great pictures with this camera at high resolutions so don't be put off by this because 640 x 480 is standard for a web camera. The frame rate is not adjustable manually but claims to go to a maximum of 30fps. Its highest resolution is 2560 X 1920. It needs a little time to read light values sometimes when you switch resolution but that is typical of the technology and not a problem. The focal wheel is a bit stiff at high magnification so you need a very good support for the camera. You cannot take this camera apart to maintain it because it is sealed which is a definite minus for any product. The Microscope is very good for inspecting materials for flaws etc but the cable is very short and it looks like an extension USB cable is badly needed, my next purchase.

    Overall the Camera has many uses and is great value for your money. It is just a question of it's life span before it fails (as with all electronics) and only time can reveal this. If it is as good as other cameras I have it will last for many years.

    The stand suffers from being too light so that will be getting filled with something heavier to make it sturdy. Only do this once the warranty has run out just in case you have to return it.

    The built in LED illumination is good for some jobs but you can make better light sources that will not reflect the LED lamps back into the lens from shiny surfaces with little or no cost.

    The software is poor so you need to persevere with it a little and it is not Microsoft tested software.
    Software is available on the Internet where you can take multiple images from your camera and your computer overlays them by stacking them over each other to get better quality pictures but Veho failed to implement this in their software package. This would eliminate grain problems in the pictures in poor light or high resolution that is interpolated to 2Gb from the 1.3Gb Cmos chip. The delete option is annoying and it is safer to do this from the folder where it stores the pictures rather than from the software interface. Most of the camera options in the menu for camera effects are locked if you are running a higher resolution than 640 x 480. The software is ok for capturing images that you can then open in other art software programs you may have.

    The plastic packaging tube is poor and I was amazed I got it in one piece though the post.

    The Manual is very poor (but humorous) and appears to be a direct translation from Korean to English. The book is just stuffed into the packaging without care and therefore badly creased. It has very little information and you have to work out how to operate the camera yourself. For example ~ I discovered that it has 2 focal points that give very different magnifications depending which way you turn the focus wheel and how far you turn it. Position 1 focal range is when the lens is set far back inside the camera and position 2 focal range is when the lens is very close to the subject you are studying. This is not mentioned in the manual anywhere yet it makes a huge difference in magnification of the subject.
    Manual = bin.

    You will not be disappointed with the camera as it is as good as any other product on the current market in this price range. It is the camera you are paying for so I'm not disappointed because of the lower quality standard of the packaged extras it comes with. But image-stacking software will be very useful.