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  1.  Not quite true to the book, but it makes an excellent film


    Contains spoilers! While the film sticks reasonably close to the book, there are a lot of things done slightly differently,. However, whereas in previous potter films this has prevented the film from flowing properly, here the film flows beautifully. The film also does a great job of explaining many of the subtle details of the book e.g. the fact that Harry is himself a horcrux, and all the stuff about wand law. However, there are some unanswered questions, most notably, what happened in dumbledore's past. There is also one stupid scene in which harry grabs voldemort and jumps off a tower, they then fly about for a bit and land in the courtyard, this is a completely ridiculous scene that makes no sense at all and doesn't add anything to the film. However, given the sheer scale and epicness of the rest of the film, which are enhanced by the excellent soundtrack, these problems can be overlooked. Needless to say the special effects are very good and, to put the cherry on the cake, Dan Radcliffe's acting has finally improved. A truly great end to the Harry Potter series: 9/10

  2. DiRT 3

    DiRT 3

    Xbox 360

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     Not quite as good as it could have been...


    There can be no doubt that this is a beautifully made game, the graphics are superb, probably the best I've ever seen, and the sound is excellent. The main problem with dirt 2 was, I felt, the lack of rally an the lack of cars, this has been amended in dirt 3 with 60% of career made up of rally. There is also a much wider variety of cars than in either Dirt 1 or 2. Another great addition is the lighting changes, night races are truley outstanding and provide a great challenge. unfortunately it's not all great news, the rally stages are mostly ridiculously short (around 1-2 minutes) and ludicrously wide, theres none of the on the edge excitement that you got from Dirt 1 where you knew that going just a little bit too fast could throw you off the course. All in all then a very good, and very well made game but one that leaves you just slightly disappointed. 7/10

  3.  Top-notch hoodie


    Lovely material, great design (though a little darker than it appears in the picture,) nice and warm and very well priced. Excellent hoodie.

  4.  Dissapointed


    The design of this hoodie is superb, unfortunately i found it to be a poor fit (I'm a 32 inch chest an ordered the 36 which turned out to be too small!!) Also for 30 pounds i was very disappoint with the quality, the fabric was very thin and quite rough. Not impressed.

  5.  A great game...but not as good as 64...


    This is without doubt a great game the graphics (for a wii) are superb the level design is exquisite and the music is in my opinion, the best music ever in a video game, the new tunes are great and the remixed old ones are even better than the originals. However, this still doesnt reach he dizzying heights of mario 64. The main reason for this i think is that there is no exploration involved, to get the star you almost always just go where the level takes you. Having said that this is an incredibly fun game (if a little too easy at times) but in my opinion its time mario came back down to earth. Highly recommended, best game on wii, great fun, 5 star.

  6.  Great poster, great price


    Nice size good quality and a great picture, highly recommended

  7. Blur


    Xbox 360

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     Based on demo


    This seems like a decent game, graphically there are no problems at all but personally i dont like the handling style, it is very heavy and drifting just doesnt feel right to me. Now for the items, i have to say the effects of the items are visually superb, however, i would like a little more variety (maybe there will be in the full game i dont know) e.g. Mario-kart has far more items and they are argualbly more imaginative. Having said all this the idea behind the game is superb and i think that the online in the full game will be great fun, but i would like to see imporvements made to the handling.

  8.  shame the director never read the book


    As ever the special effects are great and the acting in this one is fine, however, while in places the film is true to the book there seem to have been some unnessasary minor alterations which are a little annoying but not really a big deal, the film misses out one of the main parts of the book at the end. Because of this you have a long film building up to a huge climax which never really comes, also, there is a scene in the middle which those of you who have read the book will know has materialised from nowhere and has no relevance to the story whatsoever. All in all an enjoyable film to watch but just not true to the book at all and im sorry but to me that is an insult to one of the greatest series of books ever written.

  9.  will people stop being so critical...


    This is without a doubt one of the best films ever made, up there with Lord of the Rings. First of all the special effects are superb, the world of Pandora looks simply astonishing and when you leave the cinema you will wish you lived there. Alot of people have criticised the plot for being to predictable an unoriginal, an yes its not the most original plot ever but its so phenominally well done this really doesnt matter. I would certainly recommend watching it in 3D but the technology is by no means perfect, in most places the 3D is amazing but in the busier scenes (e.g. When he gets chased) the 3D loses it's effect and cant really keep up, but this is just a minor niggle and overall there can be no doubt that this is one to pre-order and if they make it a trilogy it could well be the best trilogy ever...

  10.  Not as good as 1st season


    I loved the 1st season and the 2nd seasons pretty good, musically the songs are better than the 1st season but to be honest there not as funny, the same can be said for the series in general, good, but not as many classic moments as the 1st