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  1.  Brilliant but spoilt by others-


    The gameplay's amazing- I'm a Call Of Duty GEEK, on world at war i was in the top 100 for kills and had almost 30 days of play racked up. This game in most ways is far better than world at war or the forst modern warfare which were both unbelievably good games. From 100's of challenges through to 100's of unlockable features such as grenade launchers, stingers, shot guns, machine pistols and best of all kill streaks this game really is fantastic! HOWEVER- more and more since i got this game a week ago from play.com, im getting bored of it, everyone in the world seems to camp (sit in one place and refuse to run around the map) which really is making the whole experiance very very boring! I used to think world at war was bad for campers even tho i am amazing at it but it is nothing compared to this... With out a word of a lie i sprinted around a 1 map for almost 4 and a half minutes before i saw somebody to shoot at... And finally as my last moan... The servers- Infinity Ward really have cocked this one up big time, 12 out of 15 game si played last night interrupted halfway through and failed to migrate the host therefore wasting about 2 hours of the little free-time i have to play nowadays, really did make me angry!

    All in all apart from people ruining the game through the way they have to play because their rather terrible at it- its very very good!

    85/100 my rating.

  2.  I cherish mine!


    Wow! What a truly magnificently amazingly awesomely brilliantly great "phone" and I say phone in speech-marks due to my almost feeling crude at calling it a phone. It's simply far more than this. From facebook, youtube, music, e-mails, games and much more wherever you are even out of a wi-fi connection to simply arranging nights out with friends over MSN and the stylishly organise text messaging format, it truly is a fantastic experience. Most of all though I would like to add that I am on contract with 02 and along with insurance am paying almost 50 pounds per month along with 185 pound down and the cost of applications, the list goes on and totals up to a truly expensive experience but please don't let this put you off. For a device that will truly change your life it's such a small price to pay. I do not have a single regret at buying this item and it offers far far more than Apple or Play could ever advertise it really is an endlessly fun and most of all useful device.