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  1.  Beautiful!


    I was slightly sceptical about getting this set as I did purchase the engagement ring when 'Eclipse' came out. However, the 'Eclipse' engagement ring and this engagement ring are very different. Compared to the 'Eclipse' one, this is more rounder and curvier, instead of being flat like the other one. The other engagement ring is pretty, but when compared to this, this one is so much better and more like it was described in the book (the only real difference being this one is silver rather than gold). The wedding band is made from pewter and is also very nice and both rings fit my fingers perfectly (they are a size 7).

    They are presented in a cardboard box within a transparent plastic box with Edward and Bella on it with the quote "I've been waiting a century to marry you, Miss Swan." I could recommend this to anyone who was disappointed by the 'Eclipse' version or perhaps wants it to add to their Twilight collection.

  2.  So beautiful!


    The comb looks just like it does in the movie (judging from the trailer) and is really beautiful to look at. It comes in a cardboard box with Bella on it and inside, there is a blue velvet box with the comb inside. The comb is secured with a ribbon so it doesn't get damaged. I'm personally not going to wear it as it does look fragile compared to the replica jewellery etc., but you could wear it if you wanted. Recommend to any Twilight fan.

  3.  A fantastic novella!


    I did enjoy this novella as it is always interesting to read from someone else's perspective other than Bella's (although I do love Bella). I wasn't disappointed with this and was interested to know about what the 'other side' was doing and what they were being told. It did sometimes drag on a little bit but it is a must-read for people who want to know more about Bree and other characters.

  4.  Very detailed!


    This is a very detailed figure and a lot larger than I thought it would be. All figures will look different to each other; mine personally looks more like Edward Cullen than Cedric Diggory, but great none-the-less. Recommend to Harry Potter/Robert Pattinson fans!

  5.  Worth the wait!


    I had been waiting for this book for a very long time and now it's finally here! I bought this today and it is very detailed about each character in the saga, from physical appearance to their histories, some of which we've never heard of until now (e.g. James, Victoria and Laurent), with illustrations by Young Kim (who was involved in the making of the Twilight graphic novel).

    The book also has illustrations of settings, some of the best fan art, foreign book covers, outtakes, book and chapter summaries, chapter by chapter playlists Meyer listened to as inspiration as she wrote the books and much more.

    Twilight fans will not regret buying this!

  6.  It gets an A from me!


    This film is Awesome! It was really funny and an accurate portrayal of what goes in in schools. Emma Stone gave a great performance and I recommend this film to anyone who loves comedy!

  7.  Fantastic!


    This is a really detailed figure of Jacob! It looks just like him and is sculpted to perfection. Will take pride pinned to my wall next to my sparkly Edward figure. Great for Jacob/Twilight fans!

  8.  Great performances from Kristen and Dakota!


    Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were the main reasons for my wanting to watch this film. They were both really incredible. This film proves that they are both fantastic actresses who can take on some of the most challenging roles! Really recommend to Kristen/Dakota fans who want to see them do something different and incredible!

  9.  Nice set!


    This is a nice collection of stationary. The pen has an image of Edward with a Cullen crest charm and the pencil has an image of Jacob with the Wolf Pack tattoo. The only let-down is the fact that the lead in the pencil doesn't last very long and breaks easily (like most mechanical pencils) but overall it is a nice set.

  10.  Magical!


    This wand replica is so well-made and great quality! It has a nice wood effect and great magical symbols! Perfect for Harry Potter/ Cedric/Robert Pattinson fans!