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  1.  Good if not repetative


    Firstly you can tell straight away that this is very much an indie game - graphics are pretty substandard and the look an layout is very basic.
    That shouldn't put you off though, underneath is a unique game that can provide you with hours of fun.

    In essence you take control of a warrior who using the 'sandbox' style gameplay has to build himslef up through diplomacy and bloodshed.
    The battles are worth the price alone, the movement is fantastic and very responsive - can become quite bloody and fun when you and your armies are charging an enemey Lord.

    The gameplay can become quite repetative, there isn't really enough variety in the missions and tasks you can do for the various factions and as such can become a litle tedious, but overall its a lot of fun and a great way to waste a few days.

  2.  Complex


    Without a shadow of a doubt the most daunting and comlpex game i have ever played in my life.
    The general gameplay is you take control of of one out of about 200 nations, ranging from tiny Haiti to huge Russia, and you take control of every aspect of that nation for about 100 years, attempting to make them the most powerful nation using the economy, politics, culture and military.
    I have never played a game where i started i literally had no idea what to do. The game is SO in depth, you control EVERY aspect of a nation, ranging from deciding whether you want a liberal goverment with a laissez faire economy, whether you want to import more canned food goods and less wool, whether you want to research artillery tactics or modern railways the list goes on and on and on. Its not just a 'slightly more comlpicated Civ V', its insane!.
    The interface is not user friendly and i challenge anyone to jump into this and understand it.
    The biggest problem is (stupidly) there is no tutorial, if ever a game needed a tutorial this is it!.
    Despite all this i still thik its ok! It took hours of playing and watching youtube vids about it but once you get a grasp on the game its quite fun as there is so much to keep you occupied and every decision makes a difference.
    Only buy if your willing to give hours of your life just to get to grips with it, was it worth the hours i put in? Not really, its an ok if not amazing game.

  3.  A tad dull.


    Never played any of this series before but decided to give it a go. Tbh it was just a bit boring, essentially you buy products from one port, sail to another and attempt to sell the products at a higher price thus gaining gold. The graphics are nice and the interface, although a little daunting at first dont take too long to get to grips with.
    Pirates are thrown into the mix and you can own several ships to create various shipping routes and increase your income.
    Unfortantly thats about all there is to this game! It just never seems to get exciting or overly challenging and after a few hours i found myself turning off.
    Perhaps if you followed this series or had a great passion for trade and shipping routes you may get a lot out of this. I didn't.

  4.  Not a knockout


    I bought this game because the price was really cheap and i thought it was worth a punt, yet i was found wanting. My main gripe is the controls, essentially the left analog is used for movement and the right analog is used for punches, this works brilliantly on the Xbox 360 in 'Fight Night 3', yet in this version it simply doesnt, work the response is very poor and the movement nothing short of shocking. My second major gripe is the carrer mode, inexpicably you can create your own boxer but then have to take over a pre made boxer to take the carrer mode, which kinda negates the point of making your own boxer!.
    Not a great fight night, would recommend trying a newer version where hopefully these bugs have been fixed.

  5.  Average


    Its not a bad basketball game, but not a great one either! i have to agree with most of the reviews that the game is a touch too hard, part of the fun of basketball games is dunking and pulling off great moves, yet even jus getting a decent dunk is pretty hard to achieve. It is also let down slightly when your team is on defense, its so easy to give away fouls, even if (like me) your used to this type of game.
    On the plus side the graphics are good, as is the 24/7 option of the game (essentially a 'carrer' option), and lastly it is very cheap so worth a punt, just dont expect a fantastic basketball game

  6.  I will never get away from this game!


    I have fm 2005-2010, as well as champ man 98/99- champ man 2010. so why do i keep coming back to this? because its just brilliant! after spending hour after hour perfecting my team on fm2010 and taking days to finish a league its kinda refershing to go back to the 'old days' where your star player was Jim Goodwin when managing Rotherham and a season can be finished in few hours.

  7.  Could be better


    Im a big fan of the Brian Lara series, i think of all the cricket games they tend to be the most fun and playable. In many respects this is no different, its very easy to get to grips with, easy to get runs, easy to get wickets, easy to win matches, of course therein is the problem. Too easy! i find myself on the hardest diffculty beating the Aussies with Bermuda, believe me this is not because i am any good its simply because the game is far too easy and unrealistic (N.B. the run outs are quite dire too, pretty much at least once in a match the AI will make a stupid run and get out).
    Good fun for 'pick up and play' but after a few hours hitting a six off every ball becomes tedious.

  8.  Decent


    Im a big fan of the Sid Meir series but namely played it on the PC. Visually i think this game looks fantastic, the battles between units looks great as does the deveoplment of cities and 'wonders of the world'. Despite this however it is lacking, namely in the detail aspect. Essentially it needed to be cut down to make it more playable for the Xbox but still there is a limit, on the PC there is a plethora of options and various ways to alter how your goverment is run, military and science funding and most notablly the problems of pollution have seemingly dissapered. I also believe diplomacy is very lacking, there are no trade agreements, mutual protection pacts, anti-pollution pacts etc., with this is the problem that unless u bend to every demand made by (often much weaker Civillisations) in the game u inadvertdley end up at war, which althougth fun at first, becomaes an unwelcome distraction when attempting a cultural or economic victory.
    Despite this however it is a fun if not repetative game, worth a play if you like the Sid Meir style game.

  9.  Classic


    I actually made the mistake of buying the superior sequel (Medieval: Total War) and as such prevented me from enjoying it even more. Great game though, lovely graphics, smooth and throughly enjoyable for those who are patient and commited. Surpassed by its sequel's but at this price just get it!.

  10.  Damn the batsmans confidence meter!


    A poor attempt at a cricket game. Theres some really nice features in this game, the graphics remind me of a fifa game but with crickters instead of footballers, the shot selection is also an excellent feature being able to change from a shot on the front foot and back foot makes for a good bit of gameplay. Yet it is let down by some extrmley frustrating flaws, most notably the 'batsman
    Confidence' meter (essentially the longer your batsmen is on the crease the more confident he becomes, and thus the better shots he can play the longer he is in), it is grossly unfair, for example i was on the crese with andy flintoff for 154 balls, earning 84 runs and my confidence wasent even half, the ai simply stays in for about 30 balls and theres is full. Makes for an extrmley frustrating time, especially in test matches. Also the commentery is poor. My advice, try 2007 onwards where these bugs have been fixed.