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  1.  Are you Norwegian?!?


    The question is easy enough to answer, but it's hard to place one's heart. This album presents an unchallenged love for the Norwegian folklore musically, lyrically it will subdue you. So the question is, do you feel Norwegian? Do you, punk! If not, don't look down the barrel of this 45, unless you are willing to embrace the flames that lead you to Valhall! This is one of Norways unknown treasures, and as a Norwegian Black Metal listener since "deathcrush" by Mayhem, I will personally vouch for this one, you will embrace it as a part of your soul (as with all works by Windir.....maybe I should copy/paste this onto all Windir purchables on this site?) It may be hard to get for some, but for those who know Norway, it will rock your brains out!!

  2.  Have a mate over, or go online, either way, it's great!


    Well, as I write this, me and my friend are going through the game for the 2nd time (that should give you a hint). It's better then the first AOT, and you have more choices when it comes to customising your weaponry. The plot, in this game as the first, is the loosing part, it's not what drives you forward, but it doesnt really stand in the way either, it's all about shooting the baddies and going on to the next zone, which is fine. The enjoyment of the game is induced by playing with a good friend, that is what makes it so fun, and thats why I have given it such a high score (as i did with AOT 1 aswell). This game's entertainment value at this price is unbeatable, so team up with your buddy and go wreak havoc in Shanghai :)

  3.  Addictive!


    This game is fun as hell, I and a friend played through it during two nights during this weekend (we've never played it before, just read about it). We used couch split screen, and man, I must say that is the most brilliant thing in a long time, not many games combine that in a multiplayer game anymore, and it makes the fun of the game that much higher when your mate is right beside you in the couch when the action is going on. Fun dialogs (albeit abit cheesy) and a good storyline, also helped the game to rise to new levels for our part, also the gun buying part made for fun and varied gameplay. All in all i would recommend this game highly for people who will take the time to organize a get together with a friend, we loved it. Now to buy the second one :)

  4.  Sit down and strap on your seat belts.....


    A great movie for those of us that love the more sci-fi/fantasy thing thats going on nowadays. Fast action scenes coupled with transportation abilities that can astonish anyone with a great story makes this film a worthy watch, the blu-ray delivers awesome picture and sound for this movie to come to its right. At this price you cant go wrong, buy and watch.

  5.  Buy it now, you won't regret it!


    Have you played the old RF games? No? No matter, this game as the previous one's stand's firmly planted on it's own feet! Great graphics, a good story (even though it's kinda the same as previously games in the series) and fun/addictive gameplay, I for example found myself grinding for salvage just to get the next weapons upgrade. The only drawback is that it may become a bit repetetive, but honestly, that does'nt ruin the lure this game has, it will pull you back in the next day. And with prices as low as this, you are practically being given hours and hours of fun for almost nothing, well worth every penny, or Kroner in my case :).

  6.  Awesome game


    I bought this game to catch up before the release of uncharted 2, and this game delivered on all parts except a few. Good graphics, nice story, compelling gameplay, all make for a very good play, only drawback I could find annoying was the "zombie's" (so to speak). But all in all a fantastic game with loads of action and some nice puzzles (not too hard though) that made me smile almost through the entire game, well worth the money at this bargain price.

  7.  Hard & fast Norwegian black metal.


    This the only album Kvist made, except for some demos and promos this is it. It's fast grinding black metal, with drums that at the time was part of setting the standard of future black metal sounds all over. They are fast and relentless, in the vein of Immortal's "battles in the north" wich set the benchmark of the time, and Kvist truly followed it up, this is BM as it should be, fast, aggresive, grinding vocals and nice riffs makes this a must buy for those who like the older BM more than the new fancy melodic stuff. Two thumbs up!

  8.  WOW, what a ride


    This is one of the best bargains yet. I have clocked over 20 hours in these two games now, and I'm loving each second I spend in the game, I keep coming back for more! I didnt play them on the ps2, but decided to pick them up for the ps3 before I started on gow3, and man, this duo packs a punch, awesome fighting, nice puzzles that will get your brain sweating at times, and the pumped up graphics looks really good (by pumped up I mean adjusted to hd sets of our modern lives, it looks bloody good, trust me). If you havent played these games yet, what are you waiting for, you dont get more bang for your buck than this, recommended!!

  9.  Fun as hell.


    I loved this collection, not only for it's promise of nostalgic blastermastering (!?!) but for the sheer amount of joy i had playing this on the ps3's wireless controller sitting comfortably in my couch. The oldies out there know what I am talking about :) I am also one of those nerdy dudes that still have my old Nintendo's and Sega's (yeah, all of them!) and also play these games often on and old 28" crt screen, nothing beats the cartridge versions on a an old tv, hence the four stars out of five. The graphics will actually look better on the old setup, for no effort is made to make the games look better on your hd tv, but for what this package promises, blissfull nostalgic playing on a wireless setup for the kids born in the 80's, it truly delivers an awesome punch, I just wish they had included more games on the disc, for I suddenly have craving for more retro fun :)

  10.  Loads of fun


    Well, since noone has written a review, I take it upon myself to do so, this game is great, who doesnt like good western fps games? This game was before call of jaurez (which are good western games too) but still easily makes me come back for more. Good grapichs for the time, and great maps/levels to rampage through with all guns blazing. If you like westen shooters this is a real bargain!