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  1.  Great Western with a stellar cast


    Managed to catch this excellent film about 10 years ago on t.v and was instantly gripped by the story line and top quality acting from a cast that included the likes of Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone and Leonardo Dicaprio who at the time the film was made could not have been any older than 17 or 18. The story centres around the four main protagonists mentioned above with Russell Crowe and Sharon Stone on there own particular mission for redemption, Leonardo Dicaprio having some father-son issues and the always reliable Gene Hackman on top form as the deadly and cold hearted mayor. As they all enter a quick draw competition to find who is the fastest gun in the west!.
    Another thing that stands out about this film is some of the excellent support characters particularily Lance Henriksen as the gunslinger Ace.
    Now for the blu-ray itself and unfortunatly there are no extra's. The picture quality is largely very good with the exception of noticeable grain in one or two places which does not really detract from the overall quality, and the sound which comes in dolby digital is also of a good quality with gun shots and ricochets fizzing around my room on my surround system.
    Overall well worth a look especially at this price.

  2.  Brilliant


    Recieved my region free copy yesterday, and would firstly like to say that I saw this film twice at the cinema and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Over 2 hours of robot porn, it really is a popcorn movie in that you can just sit back, switch of and be thoroughly entertained for the entire duration of the film. Now onto the blu ray and after being dissapointed with the picture quality on some of my recent purchases I am pleased to say that this transfer is on par (if not better) with the 1st transformers movie, which itself was one of the best transfers on the market. The fight in the forest (my favourite scene) particularily stands out and with awesome dts-hd sound and many of the extras in hd this really is a very polished package and worth every penny.