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  1.  Slick and action packed


    Loving BF3. Multiplayer has a lot to offer whether you want to run and gun as part of a squad or snipe from a far with the recon kit. The different kit classes are well balanced with various upgrades available as you progress. The vehicles offer an added dimension too, in the form of jet fighters, choppers and tanks, all complete with their own upgrades. I haven't even touched the campaign yet because multiplayer just keeps on giving! The visuals and sound design are first class and the maps are epic.
    The only negative is the servers. Sometimes it can take ages to get on the game mode you want. oh yeah and people hogging the jets.
    Overall this game is genre defining and, for me, represents the pinnacle of first person shooters.

  2.  FIFA treads water as PES 2011 ups their game


    Everyone will remember 2011 as the year FIFA gave ground in the footy sim stakes.

    It seems to me that EA have rested on their laurels this year, choosing to offer what seems to many a limited tweak of their highly popular FIFA 10 game. How about introducing player development into Manager mode? Or the choice to start a team from scratch like in PES games. FIFA 10 was a great game but it wasn't perfect.
    Come on EA get your act together.......in the meantime I'm off to play PES 2011.

  3.  Don't listen to the FIFA fanboys this game is awesome!!!


    Konami have brought PES back to its best. Gameplay has been totally overhauled with the introduction of 360 passing and improved player animations. The Master League now boasts full Champions League intergration helping to improve an already addictive gaming experience. In addition to the traditional master league, players can now take their master team online and play in a online league, buying and selling players in a bid to become the best.
    FIFA's manager made doesn't even come close.

    If you lost faith in PES since the next gen games then you need to get this game....you won't be disappointed.

  4.  Next gen Brian Lara re-branded for the Ashes? thankfully not


    Firstly, If you have ever owned a Brian Lara cricket game then Ashes Cricket will feel strangely familiar. Ashes Cricket is built on the Brian Lara game engine. Upon first load the gentle reminders are everywhere, menu buttons have the same sound effect, Game play options are similarly configured, in-game commentary is exactly the same, save and load options too.

    On first reactions it looks like Codemasters have rushed out a quick franchise game to cash in on the Ashes appeal.

    However, It's not until you start to dig deeper into the game that you realise where all the real work has gone on. Batting, bowling and fielding have all been completely overhauled. The original Brian Lara series was always by far the best cricket game it just lacked enough batting and bowling variation. In Ashes cricket there are numerous shots available when batting, employing front and back foot positions. Timing shots is more challenging, making it more likely that you will edge the ball and get caught. Bowling now features seam variations so that you can control swing as well as a full arsenal of modern day deliverys. In addition to this there is reverse swing, available only when the ball's condition deteriorates sufficiently.

    Fielding has been simplified with players throwing the ball back automatically removing the need to keep pressing x as in previous BL games. More challenging though is the new catching technique. This will take time to master and varies greatly depending on the speed and distance of the ball you attempt to catch.

    Thankfully though there are extensive training tutorials to help adjust to the new game play improvements.

    Overall it is the sheer playability of Ashes Cricket that pulls it above being just another franchise cash cow, and with a bit more serious development Codemasters would be in good shape to release a true next gen installment of the Brian Lara series. Howzat

  5.  More of the same Crystal Dynamics TR


    Game looks good in HD.........plenty of new moves for Lara to use, Fluid controls.....but really no different to Crystal Dynamics Legend offering.

    Still using the same enemy from Legend (which was weak the first time round) Puzzles are easy to figure out and levels are so short.

    I yearn for another installment of the original, puzzle heavy Tomb Raiders.......not this bite sized, shallow, action movie style series it has become.

    Why can't these games be longer? I would prefer a more retro feel, concentrating more on gameplay and level design than graphics and effects.....I realise the Tomb Raider brand has to move forward but I think the francise has changed beyond all recognition.

    This game is worth a play in its own right but if you are looking for Tomb Raider then I think its back to the PS1 versions.

  6.  Greatest F1 Yet!!


    This game is a definite buy!

    My advice though is to turn off brake assist and turn on Visual braking markers to get the best out of this game. Lots of options for tuning your car set-up with an all new Evolution section where you drive clean laps and your team suggest set-ups. When you get the car right it feels so playable.

    Career mode is well thought out with players having to enter trials to join mid-range teams. World championship mode lets you take part in every session throughout the season, going head to head with 2006's roster of drivers.

    Some really good touches have been added with a challenging interactive pit stop mini game which can make or break your race, and racing in wet weather can be really tough if you are stuck behind traffic.

    This game is certainly worth £24 and will keep F1 fans going until an updated game comes out on PS3.

  7.  Knee-Jerk Reactions


    To be honest this happens every year!!

    Don't bother listening to people's reviews of this game at the mo.

    Everytime a new PES comes out everybody screams what an insult this is, how dare they change a winning formula.....

    But they are always wrong...Pro evo has evolved with every new edition, giving more control and realism back to the player, improving the franchise year on year.

    These people moaning are the same people who will be singing this game's praises in a couple of months time. Seen it time and time again.

    One thing is for sure, Konami haven't let us down yet.

  8.  Ultimate football game


    FIFA is lager league -- PES is the premiership!!!
    Totally engrossing, super realistic