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  1.  Joy in a box


    If you are reading this, you have probably already made up your mind about buying one of these. I guess its down to what lightsaber you want.
    There is no difference in quality between the different versions, only the ascetical and personal preference that goes with any type of purchase.

    The hilt feels heavy in your hand and it looks like a real lightsaber, the chrome gains a nice shine and the plastic doesn't detract from the feel at all.

    When it powers up you are greeted with the original sounds from the movies, you feel like you are holding a real lightsaber, minus the solid beam of energy of course.

    The price may be relatively high, however in terms of quality, this is worth the extra money instead of buying a £25 plastic one. It is a great conversation piece and while everyone may say "You spent that much!", secretly inside they will be thinking "I want one".

    Before I conclude, I'd just like to make the note that these were originally made by a company called Master Replicas, but are now made by Hasbro and you may notice this when you research.

    So if you have aspirations about being the next Darth Vader, or if you just like the colour red, this one is for you. Not to be missed.
    Unleash your inner child (Jedi)!

  2.  Forever Entertaining.


    Without a doubt one of the most entertaining and well put-together games in the last couple of years.

    On playing, you can't believe that this game just hasn't aged. I still find it as entertaining as when i first picked it up.

    The cinematic quality first reminded me of a movie or very well made documentary, the one mission that really pushed the boundaries in terms of gameplay was the Russian sniping mission showcased before the release of the game.

    As stated earlier, this game has a long life span and when you have completed the main story and have replayed enough that you find no value in starting again, there is the expansive multiplayer mode.

    This mode will allow you to while away the hours unknowingly, unlocking achievements and new weapons, until, one day you find yourself at the highest rank. However it doesn't end there, there are levels of prestige that allow you to restart your multiplayer experience with a higher esteem.

    As you may have noticed I have been very impressed with this game and will be watching out for the release of the new one. Not to be missed!