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  1.  Get them!


    I bought mine ages ago. Doesn't take too long to get used to them and once you do there's no going back they make the controller so much better it's odd how it makes the controller feel better and more comfortable and much better in game situations i haven't tried but i would imagine best for racing games

  2.  Give it a Try


    This game is as good as my some other games and it can be playable when your in a certain mood this has a really nice case and the skin unlock it great however you can find it around the internet plus the CD that comes with it and the book makes it worth it. Also the Altair costume from Assasins Creed is available when you sign up to Ubisoft Via Prince Of Persia. I haven't played it for a while i recommend you try it though it is enjoyable

  3.  Brilliant Multiplayer


    This a great game for multiple players on the same console plenty of mini-games for up to 4 players and around 20 Pro's to choose from. Great game to play with friends

  4.  Horrendously Amazing


    Brilliant Camo Suit, Controls are great when you get used to them and my favourite part the weapon customisation. This allows you to pick up weapons from defeated soldiers and the game once you have that gun sell the rest you have straight away and turns them into points which can be used on things like. Smoke Grenades and Claymores to Torches on Assault Rifles and Suppressors for Snipers and also Shotgun and Grenade Launcher attachments. The fact that there is an option not just for stealth surprised me after the opening level. 5/5.

  5.  Pimped Guns!!


    You can pimp your guns. Gold AK
    Gold Sniper, Gold Rocket Launcher, Change your Masks or you Pistol to a Gold MP7. Buy it while it's cheap.

  6.  Got this in 2007


    Immense Game just decided to write review lot's of Sixaxis and now it's alot cheaper and in platinum now. The quest for Booty follows on from this

  7.  Immense Fun For A While


    Great fun for however long you play it then there's the cost which is expensive for the full game as the create has literally nothing in it so you will have to pay for extra characters and more weapons and attacks i don't know whether it's worth it you don't even start with Yoda

  8.  Price Good A Game That Won't Be No.1


    You will play this for a while then never play it again until someone reminds you of it graphics can be poor especially for fire but the other weapons are pretty nice. I would recommend Fallout 3 or GTA IV Rather than this.

  9.  £9.99


    i got it for 9.99 thats cheap but the game has started to freeze and to get the unlocked weapon or armour when you go up a level means you will have to go to the main menu the load again for it save the rewards. It's good though graphics could be improved

  10.  Same Again


    It's just like COD4 but with vehicles. It's still excellent gamplay but there is no change in the server so there is still a chance of joining an ended game or one that's about to finish i recommend getting this because i very much doubt it won't be another COD Game of The Year