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  1.  Not Original Series, Nothing New Here


    Very little research nowadays will tell you that at least 57 episodes of the British version of Fraggle Rock exists, including 18 episodes down at the BFI. Yet we're constantly fobbed off with the American episodes. All four episodes on this DVD have been released before. No special features, no attempt to make this a "must-have"
    It's a lazy, unimaginative release offering the wrong versions of the episodes and nothing new (even an unreleased US episode such as "Inspector Red" could have got an extra star).
    Fraggle Rock was, and still is, one of the best TV shows ever made and deserves better than this.

  2.  Fantastic Value, Superb Quality!


    This set is absolutely brilliant. Excellent value for money. As far as I can tell, only the Ninth and Eleventh Doctors are exactly the same as before, all the others are varients (Hartnell's got different coloured trousers, Davison's got his celery etc), and of course the first ever action figure of the Eighth Doctor, who doesn't quite look enough like Paul McGann, but never mind.
    The first Three Doctors (and the Seventh) have only been available as exclusives before, at 25 quid a time, so to have them plus all the others for less than fifty is staggering, as even standard figures retail upwards of 7.49 each.
    You'll never get all the Doctors this cheap again. Buy it now before the unscrupulous people start charging double.
    It's also a superb way to introduce the old Doctors to the kiddies, outside of the very quick flashes of them in various recent episodes. Parents and children unite over a box of Doctors.
    I love it.

  3.  What Episodes Are On Here?


    No mention of this on the DVD sleeve, but I think it's really important to know what you're buying. So here goes:
    1. Thomas & Gordon
    2. Edward & Gordon
    3. Ghost Train
    4. Thomas, Percy & the Dragon
    5. Trust Thomas
    6. Henry & the Elephant
    7. Cranky Bugs
    8. James & the Red Balloon
    9. Percy's Chocolate Crunch
    10. Gordon & Spencer
    11. Thomas to the Rescue
    12. Thomas & the Birthday Picnic
    13. Emily Knows Best
    14. Percy & the Funfair
    15. It's Good to Be Gordon
    16. Gordon & the Engineer
    17. Duncan Does It All
    18. Thomas & the Spaceship
    19. Heave Ho Thomas
    20. Steamy Sodor
    Most of my favourite episodes are missing, but if these 20 rank among yours, this is the DVD for you.

  4.  The Beginning of a Great Year


    1971 was a great year for Morecambe and Wise. Two series and a legendary Christmas special that would cement them on our consciousness forever. This DVD covers the first 1971 series, seven cracking episodes.
    One positive aspect is a slightly expanded role for Janet Webb. Having previously said nothing during the curtain calls, in this series she now has a little speech at the end of each show. And epsiode 2 is a masterpiece, with Arthur Lowe taking a shine to her, and she even appears in a sketch with him.
    After previous "Best Of"s cut it down to size, we have the glorious full length Monty on the Bonty, as well as the oft-quoted Anthony and Cleopatra.
    They are on their way to the top.

  5.  They Keep Getting Better


    Eric and Ernie were knocking out two series a year in 1970 and 1971, and this collection from the latter part of 1971, show them at their finest.
    Included here are their legendary "yeah yeah yeah" dancing with Tom Jones, alongside some other gems, such as singing "Bring me Sunshine" with Cilla Black, and a hilarious routine in about a book on birdwatching.
    Highly recommended, hysterically funny.