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  1.  An unsung masterpiece


    I'm a massive fan of Firelfy and the subsequent film Serenity.
    This series really is a hidden gem and I'm astonished that further series were never made.
    Without doubt, the finest Sci-Fi series I've seen since Blake's 7!!

  2.  Original and different


    This is a superb movie from a part of the world not immediately associated with film making.
    The storyline itself is refreshingly orginal and the effects are awesome. As the movie progresses, you find yourslef empathising more and more with the aliens. I found the scene where the alien is put up against the laboratory wall to test the weapon particularly gripping.
    In summary, one of the best films I've seen in years.

  3.  Will leave you deep in thought or frustrated !


    Firstly, picture quality is amazing,as is audio.
    The film itself? Well, this one could be debated endlessly in the pub with a few good friends after several real ales! It's a bit like The Sixth Sense without the "Aaaah, that's what it all meant.." bit at the end. It's very open to interpretation as to the definition of life and the definition of death. There are clues and red herrings all over the place, some subtle, some not so subtle. It's impossible to elaborate further without introducing spoilers.
    I personally thoroughly enjoyed it, even though the ending was unorthodox.
    In summary, it's extremely good, very intelligent, stylish and thought provoking, although I suspect that you'll either love it or hate it.
    Watch it. Make up you're own mind!!

  4.  Vast improvement !


    This British classic gets the BD treatment and what a massive improvement! I have the original DVD and the picture quality, although watchable, was very soft. The BD picture quality is awesome. Super sharp and extremely clean. My only moan was the soundtrack (mono) and the apparently fullscreen format. Otherwise, it's worth every penny, and after all, it is a fifty-odd year-old film.

  5.  Poor BR transfer


    Okay, it's 22 years old but the transfer quality to BR is poor; grainy and soft. Disappointing! Movie itself is fantastic though!!!

  6.  Get what you pay for...


    Okay, this is alot cheaper than most other players and frankly it shows. Build quality of the unit is not brilliant, sound is okay (apart from an annoying buzzing/crackling when using earphones-common to both V Zons I have owned), picture is good and the internal battery is a good idea.
    I had a Shinco DVD before this and the quality was far superior in every respect although it was twice the price!!
    This is the second V Zon I've had; the first went back to Play as it developed multiple faults after only a few weeks. Hats off to Play though, they replaced it no fuss at all.
    Like the old saying "You get what you pay for..."

  7.  If you're a fan, get it.


    okay the die hard fans of the books and radio series (myself included) will, if they wish, be able to pick holes in this film until doomsday. Yes, it's compressed, the script isn't identical to the radio series and the chronolgy is well out. But, having said that, it's immensley enjoyable, the effects are fantastic and you do grow to care about the characters, which is vital to the overall enjoyment of the film.
    I loved it. It's on a par with Hot Fuzz. Both great British films.
    Let's have more !!!