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  1.  Repetitive Repetitive Repetitive.......


    The idea of the game is good but I think that's when they stopped putting some thought into it.
    The game consists of doing the same few things over and over again and hearing the same things. It just feels like they copy, pasted one part f the game and then called it the "finished product". When playing the game you'll find that all you do is;

    - Climb to the top of a tower to reveal part of the map. (Gets incredibly annoying after the first 5 times, little do you know you have to do it a further 300 or so more times or at least that's what it feels like, to get the full maps)
    - Save some peasant from a gang of thugs (Always the same and even uses the same dialogue which gets annoying)
    - Pickpocket someone (Have to listen to a conversation then when finished just walk up behind someone and press pickpocket button!)
    - Interrogate someone (punch someone a few times till they tell you something equally pointless and boring)
    - Eavesdrop (Go and sit at the nearest bench and press the listen in button!)

    And that's pretty much it. You'll be finding yourself doing this for 99% of the game. The only good parts are when you do the main assassination mission but these you'll only be doing 1% of the time and there are only a few to do. On top of all this everything is so easy to do and unrealistic. I love how on the back of the box they say "Use wide range of medieval weapons, and face your enemies in realistic swordfight duels".......Yes well there are 3 weapons to use and sword fights are a joke. It doesn't make a difference if your faced against 1 guard or 20 as only one will attack you at any one time. So you can quite easily take on 300 men or more if it would let you.

    All in all the game is tedious and unbelievably repetitive! I have no idea what the people who wrote the positive reviews are talking about. Do not buy and if you do be prepared to sell it or break it! Wouldn't buy it if it was £1!