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  1.  The best multiplayer experiance ive had on any console


    I have been playing this Beta for a few weeks now and even at this early stage it is so much fun to play ,unfortunately the BETA is mostly limited to infantry/ Tanks/ quad bikes/ humvees/ and UAV'S at the moment as the full vehicle roster consists of so much more,EG apache gunships/ BlackHawks/ Speed boats/ Armoured cars/ anti aircraft vehcles/ more tanks.
    But that dont stop it from already being the best multiplayer experiance on any console ive had to date & ive played almost all the best FPS games around even some of the past battlfeild games on the pc and this does not dissapoint . Most of the cod players that played this said that they find mw2 bland on their return to it after playing BFBC2 on the beta forums and i have to agree having played that professionally in a clan THIS is such a better game in all aspects.
    Teamwork ,good objectives, great building destruction,awesome awards and unlocks,and massive maps with up to 24 players online on ( DEDICATED SERVERS ) not a crappy p2p system
    where the host has an unfair advantage in regards of 0 lag like mw2.
    Get a good team in this and its extremely gratifying playing tacticaly combine a good driver and a good gunner in a vehicle and you can reap massive destruction racking up kills leveling buildings on ememy players.

    Sound - 9.5
    GAMEPLAY - 10
    GRAPHICS 9.5

    This is the only game ive ever considerd picking up for more than 1 platform EG ,PC & PS3 but i find the experiance better than killzone 2 on my ps3 and very close to what made the original PC versions so great in the first place.
    Preorder now you wont be le tdown

  2.  Epic Failure :(


    This game is a massive disappointment in all aspects.

    I've been playing online FPS's games for a long time now well before the counterstrike days, and mw1 was the only COD game i was ever really interested in as i never liked the ww2 scenarios much. I was not disappointed with my purchase then, it even got me in to creating a couple of great custom maps with the mod tools and join a clan that played pro competition matches in leagues all a first for me so i was really hyped for this game when it was announced.

    But its been a total anti climax this time around since they dropped dedicated server support and the mod tools its basically killed everything that was great about the original MW ,without these there is no clans supporting this game No pro matches or league games anymore and hence no real sense of community like last time around and every game will automatically connect you to a random game with random players every time so you never even get the chance to build up freindly rivalry's or get to know anyone the multiplayer just has no soul and thats not even to mention how dam laggy it is compaired to what its like on a dedicated server.

    THIS it such a poor effort for such a great first game
    mod tools removed.
    dedicated server support dropped.
    single player campaign it exremely shorter than the first game.
    Hardly any pc Configure Options & settings.
    Same Outdated game engine for the first game.
    And on top of this they want more money for a lot less content this time round.

    sad to say that this is the end of the COD franchise for me as i will not give them my money again untill they make more effort ,as im no activision cash cow.

    plus note : im really looking forward to battlefeild bad company 2 as they seem to want to give gamers what they want & expect on the pc platform.

  3.  You will not regret this purchase its a fantastic game


    WOW bioware just make the best RPG games on the planet with plots and story's that will truly keep you entertained for days even weeks ,as i have put in over a week of hardcore play and theirs still loads left to do really great value for money.

    i have played the original boulders gate /never winter knights/knights of the old republic /the witcher/ mass effect ,which were all fantastic games and this is up there with them all bioware never seem to be able to put a foot wrong in this genre.

    Cant wait for mass effect 2 and the witcher 2

    just click buy already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  Dont expect any multiplayer .its just a cheap console port:(


    Like many others i was really looking forward to this game for ages even more so than MW2 which is also now fracked as of this date why ? you ask because i buy tactical fps for one reason
    If you ever manage to conect to a game online which is rare it will normall disconect you after 5 mins with the message conection lost , after 20 attempted multiplayer games i have given up trying anymore which means the games pointless to me.

    ((((((( WARNING !!! NO DEDICATED SERVER SUPPORT !!!!! ))))))

    and until this is resolved you can also expect the same exeriance i have had which is a real shame as i played the original and many other great tactical onlines games and in its current state this is not one.

    If you want operation flashpoint the sequel buy ARMA2 its as close as you can get + its got dedicated support unlike this .WHAT A LET DOWN no clans no online community NO fun