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  1.  Great package!


    I am a huge fan of Futurama and I have been tracking this bundle for a while. I was originally put off by other reviews that mention that the packaging is poor, but it's really not that bad. Obviously, proper DVD cases would be preferable to cardboard sleeves but the packaging is pretty robust.

    As for the series itself, I rate Futurama above the Simpsons, Family Guy and any other animated series. It is brilliant from start to finish and at less than 30 pounds, this product is an absolute steal.

  2.  A great pyschological Thriller!


    Alan Wake is a pyschological thriller which acts as a Third Person Shooter.

    Playing as Alan Wake, a well known author you become entangled in a one of Wake's own stories and throughout the journey you are left wondering whether the events are happening for real or are being projected through words written on pages contained within Wake's fictional musings.

    Offering a mix of gun play sections, puzzles and mystery solving, Alan Wake is a genuinely frightening experience with a rich story and a cast comprising of dark characters and comical sidekicks.

    The premise is eerie, dark and at times a little messed up, just like a true horror story should be.

    Alan Wake has a lot of bang for buck potential and it's a great title at an amazing price!

  3.  Incredible! Great way to utilise the Kinect.


    I should begin by saying that I am not one for dancing, but Dance Central is a genuinely great way to learn both simple and complex dance moves as well as keeping fit.

    To its credit Dance Central WILL convert cynics thanks to its haul of diverse dance tracks, vivid visuals and wealth of options.

    The Dance Battle mode is great for if you've got a few friends over as it gives you the opportunity to either show them your moves or to give them a solid three minutes or so to laugh at you relentlessly as you struggle to perform the simplest dance moves.

    Dance Central's Workout mode is a welcome feature as it allows you to roughly calculate how many calories you're burning off whilst you bust out your best moves, which will suit any fitness goers a treat.

    And finally, Dance Central has even swayed my girlfriend who has finally conceeded that gaming can appeal to her!

  4.  Dark, eerie and atmospheric.


    Dead Space lands you in deep in outer space on a spaceship full of tentacle enhanced beings that ultimately want you dead.

    Armed with an arsenal of weaponry and an impressive armoured spacesuit, its up to you to ensure that you prevail under rather unfavourable circumstances.

    Whilst navigating the eerie corridors of your intergalactic vessel, you are tasked with surviving the horrors that have been housed with you in the space shuttle - the tentacle beings.

    Dead Space is a visually appeasing title with rich detail from the ground up and encapsulates the ambience of a dread ridden spaceship with a wonderfully creepy score.

    During your adventure you'll be tasked with drowning foes in bullets, fearing what's lurking around the next corner and solving a number of puzzles in order to progress through sections of the level.

    As Third Person Shooters (TPS) go, Dead Space is one the best around and thanks to its unique surrounding, is a welcome change from some of the type cast titles that make up the TPS genre.

  5.  Great game which will reward those with patience.


    I will begin with one qualm I personally found during my FFXIII playing experience and by saying so I am sure this gripe has been echoed time and time again, which is the fact that Final Fantasy XIII is extremely linaer for the first 20 hours or so.

    However, if you're a fan of RPGs and the Final Fantasy series in particular, the single track approach will not deter you from investing in the thirteenth instalment of the 'Final' Fantasy series.

    The visuals are incredible, the characters (for the most part) are engaging and the frequent battle sequences are rapid, intuitive and a whole lot of fun - if you like that sort of thing.

    While Final Fantasy XIII is a grand effort, it is a long way away from being the best in the series. The pristine presentation is a welcome distraction from a somewhat complicated plot and for large portions of the experience there are a lot of boudaries that prevent players from exploring the glorious world in which the game takes place.

    A word of advice though - keep your volume controls close at hand for the segments where a character called Vanelle takes centre stage, as the fun loving companion has both dialogue and moments of glee that will grate.

    Final Fantasy XIII will tick most of the right boxes with most RPG goers, but doesn't do quite enough in terms of story and in its level design it restricts players far too much to be considered truly remarkable.

    For less than 15 pounds, FFXIII is an absolute steel - I should add.

  6.  Best Xbox360 game to date!


    At full price Mass Effect 2 will prove money well invested, so at a mere 12.99, you'll be getting a phenomenol gaming experience at a very, very favourable price.

    I've played and adored Mass Effect 2. The detail in which the Mass Effect universe takes place is nothing short of sublime and the in depth conversing throughout the game adds a welcome narrative to a truly inspiring game.

    If you're a fan of Third Person Shooters with an Role Playing Game element, then you will absolutely love Mass Effect 2.

    I've played many games in my time and ME2 is one of if not THE best I've ever played.

  7.  Beautiful account of a truly great story.


    Magician by Raymond E. Feist has to be one of my favourite books, as are most of Feist's works. So when I stumbled across a graphic novel version of Pug and Tomas's Crydee adventure recently, I was very excited and didn't hesitate to make a purchase.

    As a huge Feist fan I had to snap this item up, right away. The Manga art design is sublime and this publication really brings the characters to life. This graphic novel is part one of Magician, so it captures the first few chapters of the original book.

    I definitely recommend this item to anyone who has read Magician and to those who haven't should certainly check it out.

    I will be purchasing part two in the very near future. It's a shame there aren't more graphic novels available to accompany Feist's stories, because I would have them all.

    It's a great product, and one that will stand proud on my Feist dominated book case.

  8.  Not McFarlane's best work but still an enjoyable watch.


    As an avid Family Guy fan I was excited that the series branched out again into the Star Wars World with a follow up to the hilarious Blue Harvest.

    Peter Griffin continues in the role of Han Solo with Chris as Luke Skywalker, Lois as Princess Leia, Stewie as Darth Vader and Meg as, a giant space worm.....

    The second Star Wars - Family Guy hybrid is a spoof of The Empire Strikes Back and is an alternative account of the events from George Lucas's hit movie. Told by Peter Griffin as a story to pass time during a power failure Something, Something Darkside (SSD) is not Seth MacFarlane's best work. It's by no means a bad feature, but I did find the jokes hit and miss, which hurts to say when talking about such a consistently hilarious animated series. I think it is fair to say that a majority of the gags are aimed at the American audience as some of the character references and spoofs went straight over my head.

    My guess is that any Family Guy fan will buy SSD regardless of what is written in reviews and despite it not besting Blue Harvest it's still a decent feature, true to the Family Guy style. Perhaps having watched Family Guy from the very beginning of its brilliant existence, I was just expecting a bit more.

    The additional t-shirt, playing cards and digital copy disc are a nice touch for an extra few quid for the die hard Family Guy fans out there.

    Addition from Original Review: Having now opened the t-shirt from its tight-knit wrapping and having washed it I will firmly retract my statement that it is a welcome edition to the bundle. If you want an incredibly creased t-shirt with Boba-Fett-Chicken on the front, which you can't wash or iron as it is likely to perish, then the limited edition bundle will be right up your street.