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  1.  The game all the Americans want!


    Ever since seeing the teaser trailers a year or so ago I thought Xenoblade would only get a release in Japan. How shocked I was to see it getting a release date for Europe and not even in the US!

    Xenoblade plays in as free as an RPG world as you can get. The maps are massive and you are left to wander around of your own free will for as much as you please. At a first glimpse it looks more like a Western Role Playing Game than a Japanese one. The backdrops are quite simply beautiful for a Wii game and the British cast for the voice acting is great.

    There are tons of side-quests to follow and a great deal of non player characters to interact with. Enemies are plentiful too and the battle system in this game is not exactly unique but different enough to hold your interest.

    I would have given this game a 5 star rating so far - I am about 30 hours in - but I feel that in some areas Xenoblade is not a fully polished game. Xenoblade lacks the graphics you would find on the 360 or PS3, mainly due to the fact it is indeed a weaker system. It is however, the best JRPG of its generation. Final Fantasy XIII on the other systems cannot even compete, with its tired out battle system and its terrible linearity.

    In short, if you like JRPGs and have a Wii, get this game. You will not regret it I promise you.

  2.  300+ hours and still going strong!


    I only write short reviews on games I REALLY enjoy. MHTri is quite simply one of the most addictive online co-op games I have ever played. I bought a Wii especially for this game and I wasn't disappointed at all. It is a MUST for all Wii owners of ALL ages. Enjoy at your peril though, say goodbye to your social life...

  3.  Great stuff! Addictive as anything and so much fun!


    Ok so I bought a Wii just for this game! Its great, what can I say? Addictive gameplay, offline or online with friends. Be aware tho, you can only play with Europeans or Aussies, the US server isn't linked. I can't agree with the other comment tho of great graphics with the composite cable. Its a shame the Wii doesn't support HDMI cos it would have looked a lot better I think. Thats its only downfall though. Its so much fun fighting and farming items, I have totally fallen in love with this game 5 Stars! *****

  4.  Good demo, can't wait for release.


    I've played numerous Tales games, Symphonia, Abyss and Legendia. They are all good fun. They all look beautiful and play just as well. The characters are what makes these series of games, they are lovable and generally well voice acted. Vesperia promises to be more of the same thing. Can't wait!

  5.  My favourite all time game :)


    Although Sega have closed the official servers forever, there are still ways to play this fantastic game on-line. If you prefer not to, or you cannot, then this game is still a must for fans of co-op multiplay! I really have never had so much fun playing any game more than PSO! Fun in one player or as part of a four man team, PSO is an absolute must for any fans of cooperative games.