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  1.  A great game... now with great controls!


    Lets keep this short, the PS2 version of Resident Evil 4 - one of the finest games ever made was a fantastic innovation and one of the first true next generation games.
    The Wii version takes this 2 the next level it keeps everything that was great about the original and combines it with the Wii's truly fantastic control system.

  2.  If only I could give it 6 stars


    Put simply this is and always will be the best game on the Nintendo Wii and for me is the only game I have come across that could be mentioned in the same breath as Ocarina of Time which is the best game I have ever played so that is saying something!
    There is an endless list of what this game does well, and the only thing letting it down is the graphics showing there age with some iffy testures here and there but in a game as epic as this that really is nitpicking.
    Buy it, play it and love it!

  3.  Resident Evil where have you gone


    I like many loved Resident Evil 4 and greatly anticipated the release of what can only be described as possibly the most over hyped game in history.
    As far as graphics and presentation goes this is up there with the best of them but look past the pretty exterior and what you end up with is a game that does something half as well as a game made years ago.
    Capcom sort yourselves out!

  4.  Put Simply - Amazing


    Not much to say really that hasn't already been said.
    My favourite FPS to date.
    Best game for the 360 so far.
    Best open world which never feels fake throughout the entire experience (something which I feel a lot of games fail to do).
    Bring on Bioshock 2.

  5.  Can things get any better?


    Well yes they can. Sort out some of the iffy in game textures and background issues in the (hopeful) sequel and we could have one of the greatest games ever made.

  6.  Final Boss anyone?


    Gears 2 has been one of the most enjoyale games I have played since having a 360. However the lack of at least a reasonable final boss is what can only be describes as a travesty.
    Gears 1 was a fantastic game and Gears 2 tops it in almost every way apart from the last few moments where the game was apparently supposed to climax.
    Overall a good game that could of easily been a fantastic game.