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  1.  But the two best Picard episodes aren't on it!


    OK, I know these episodes are on other collections...but where's 'Tapestry' and 'Chain Of Command' parts 1 & 2? These are the episodes which give the most insight into Picard as a character and this collection doesn't seem complete without them.

  2.  This is a new low for movies...I'm stunned.


    Oh dear lord, this was appalling. I was expecting a cheap, cheesy sci-fi action blast when going to see this. And God knows I wasn't expecting much of it. But this movie is just...painful.

    If you like the Alien and Predator franchises, you will hate this film. If you like bad horror movies, this may be too poor even for you to stomach. Even the action sequences are poor, badly shot, dimly lit and boring, and the acting and plotline are vomit-inducing. The love story that develops between the two leads is even less plausible and realistic than the idea of two alien species landing on Earth and whomping the stuffing out of each other. The movie tries to be shocking and fails, ending up somewhere between laughable and tasteless. It's not fun and it's certainly not clever or entertaining.

    If I saw this movie for 10p, I would buy it just to remind myself how appalling it is as the sheer badness has yet to sink in. A new low for the genre and an absolute waste of everyone's money. Please, for your own sake, don't buy this.

  3.  Works on every level, and better than you're expecting


    It's nice to see an action movie that pulls no punches. 'Rambo' shows you war in all its hideousness without any preaching about it's futility (this is left as somewhat obvious from the action anyway) and certainly without the glitzy glamourisation present in 'First Blood Part II'. People don't just fall over when shot by a machine gun, their bodies are ripped apart and their limbs blown off. No punches are pulled, and the film is all the better for it. It's one of the most violent, relentless and nasty mainstream movies you will ever see, but it's shot and paced so well that it's totally engrossing from start to finish. It works brilliantly as both an action movie and a war film, and that's a rare thing.

    'Rambo' doesn't try to be anything it isn't. It has no pretentions to be epic nor any excessive moralizations. It's another day's work for John Rambo with the only moral of the story being 'you can't change anything'. It presents a gritty story with no frills but is very well done, and whilst it's certainly explicit, I personally didn't find it to be unrealistically or gratuitously so, more disconcertingly true to life in its depiction of cruelty during wartime. Yet though images this nasty may push the boundaries of what might be considered 'entertainment', it is very refreshing to watch a film this honest. I'd recommend it to anyone who can stomach it, and have high hopes for the Blu-ray.

  4.  Completely pointless


    This film is just...awful. It's plain boring, overstated to the point of being ludicrous. Nothing particularly interesting or exciting happens in it. It doesn't even have cheese value along the lines of 'Godzilla' or 'Independance Day'. Big blockbusters are supposed to have some kind of action to keep your attention, but this is worthless in that regard. Even the much hyped scenes of global devastation are shown up by poor CG and an irritating soundtrack. I bough the DVD in a second hand shop for £1 and was still disappointed. Avoid!



    'Sleep Stalker' is a bad TV movie that ironically made me fall asleep.

    'Circuitry Man II' is poor in every way imaginable and is undoubtedly the worst film I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of bad movies. Yet bizarrely...it has to be watched because of this.

    You have to buy this so you can see 'Circuitry Man II'. You have to experience the badness! It's incredible! Its badness exceeds everything you've ever imagined!