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  1.  A Must Buy For Punk Fans


    This has to be my favorite Ska Punk album that has ever been produced, 26 Songs about political views and life in general, played fast with catchy hooks and lyrics. Which just make you want to jump around the room! It will take two or three listens to fully get into this Album, but once you have, I imagine you will ask yourself why they never made a second LP?

  2.  Agreed with the above post


    I was expecting the new tracks to sound poor and unfinished and the already released tracks on this album to sound the same as they had done in other versions, but I was very surprised. Not only could have tracks like Valley Of Neptune made it on any other album of Hendrix's but the already released tracks were the best versions i had heard to date, Especially "I hear my train comin" and "Fire" I have 20 plus hendrix albums in my collection and this is up there with the best of them.

  3. MAG



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     Brilliant Game


    MAG is simplistic, yet so enjoyable it shows that you don't need to have the best graphics in a game or lot's of customizing add-ons even in this day and age. Once you have played for a few hours the majority of you will find this game addictive. To really be able to rate this game, you need to have played it the way it was meant to be played and that is with leaders who are giving you orders, which may sound like a game killer but to be honest makes it one of the best FPS shooters on the market, the team play done right makes it an outstanding experience, not to mention the 256 player battle with no lag (An Achievement in itself) The other thing I enjoy about this is how more friendly the online players are, I have played COD and a lot of what I hear is people abusing each other, but so far on MAG I have not experienced this, which may be another reason to pick this title up and give it a go!

  4.  Huge Improvement


    Had the game 4 days now & after playing a lot I can say this is probably the best update of the game I have ever played. The first thing you'll notice is the new layout on the start menu, it looks much more presentable this time compared to previous versions.

    The Champions league being playable is a nice option and Konami have presented it well. I haven't done master league yet although i hear it has more depth this time round. Community is as good as ever & has always been something I have enjoyed, It's a nice addition to the game and now has new options to it. Overall the graphics are superb, players actually look very realistic in this version. The biggest improvement for me is online, for the first time ever you can play online without lag at all, other versions were unplayable but this has been a huge improvement. Gameplay itself has more of a fifa feel but still arcade, so more realistic without getting boring.

    My only negatives are the commentary which seems to have been only slightly improved, i still feel they repeat themselves & Regular difficulty is to easy, of course you can always go higher if you feel this is a problem. TBH if you are trying to decide whether to play Fifa or Pro evo your real best option is to play each of the demos first, or play either one at a mates. There are reviews on both these games, some people giving 5 stars & others giving 1. The games themselves are probably both enjoyable the problem is that both titles have hardcore fan bases who will put the other game down. So if you see a 1 star rating don't take it too seriously.