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  1.  This Game is incredible


    I got this game beacuse basically, I live in the UK, and my original copy of fallout 3 was one I bought on holiday in the US. This meant I couldn't play any of the DLC. Not a big problem however, I realised it is actually cheaper to trade in my old fallout 3 and buy this version (seeing as the DLC packs are a whopping £7.99 each)..

    anyway, on the the review

    Graphics - Very good. Exceptional. The graphics in this game are some of the best I have seen on Playstation 3. Not exactly on par with the incredible Call of Duty 4, but few games are, and Fallout 3 is still on top of its game in the PS3 world. People look realistic, and the textures on the mutated animals, such as Mole rats, radscorpians, are amazing. There is maybe a little too much gore in this game for me, but it is labelled 18 for a reason I suppose :)

    Sound - There is "music" in this game, but it is not really noticable. They are just small sections of music put in every now and again to help the atmosphere. While not really noticable, it still provides good atmospherical tension throughout the game, and all music fits the area that you are in. The sound effects are brilliant in this game, the wind that blows accross the wastes is very good, and all the unarmed and melee weapons sound very meaty when they hit your target. The guns sound good, and the explosions sound good. What more can I say? The voice acting in this game is good. The entire game has been voice acted, so there are many different people, who say many different things according to what choices you make in game. The dialogue is believable, and it is very well done.

    Longevity - This game will last you a loooong time. For a first time player, all the side quests, getting to know the controls, all the main quests, and all the Downloadable Content will take you at least 100+ hours. If not more. The trophies in this game are also not completely ridiculous, like the LittleBigPlanet trophies. They give you trophies in Fallout 3 for completing quests, picking locks, hacking computers, etc. That is not to say all the trophies are easily achievable, but they do not take forever. The perk system means you cannot have all the perks in one play through. There are 50+ perks, and only 30 levels, meaning you will have to get some on another playthrough. Many of the quests are also open ended, meaning you will have to do another play through to see all the endings.

    Cons -
    FPS does drop on the odd occasion. Runs at about 30/35 most of the time. The game DOES freeze, but for me, not nearly as much as some of you have been saying. When I had a serious play of it the other day. In 5 hours, I had two freezes, One of which, the game got over and carried on. The second freeze did freeze completely, but every game has freezes. No AA, which can get a bit annoying, with all the jagged edges, as I am usually a PC games, but again, few PS3 games have much Anti - Aliasing.

    Overall - 5 Stars. The small amount of glitches and freezing can be overlooked by spectacular graphics, Long amount of game time, and excellent script.

    Oh - A final note to the bad reviewers -
    To "m1llh0use" who said all you do is do a quest, then kill a super mutant is theoretically correct, however, if you are putting it like that, GTA4 consists of kill someone, steal car, do quest, and COD4 is nothing more than, Kil someone, reload, kill again.

    To "ashtree" who said the colours are depressing, I think you are forgetting that this is a NUCLEAR WASTELAND. How is it gonna be happy colours, you must have known that before you bought it, right?

    Please, everyone who reads this, ignore all those 1 star reviews, this game is amazing!
    Thank you.