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  1.  If only all games were this good.


    I was a big fan of the first Mass Effect however it was not without its problems. Fortunately Mass Effect 2 takes pretty much every snag with its predecessor an fixes it. Its very common these days for a game to be over within about 10-12 hours but ME2 has got some serious mileage. If you want to be thorough, explore everything and complete all the side missions you can milk this for around 40+ hours and its gripping and engaging all the way through. The balance between RPG and shooter is spot on so there's something for fans of both genres. The cut scenes can be as long or a short as you like depending on how you want to handle conversations with the numerous interactive characters in the game, the conversations are fluid and easy to follow, you could even say this is bordering on being a film. Overall I would say this is probably the best 360 game available right now and extreme value for money too. If you have only enough cash for one game get this. Its awesome in every way.

  2.  Could have been ok.


    I knew this was a chop job of the STC 1st gig series and it had the potencial to be ok as watching the series from start to finish, although brilliant is quite an epic task if you're pushed for viewing time. The problem with this is that it needed to be longer to include certain elements of the storyline to make sense. My main gripe though is the dub, it appears that none of the original voice actors have been used so if you're familiar with the series already then it just feels wrong. Save a liitle extra cash and buy the series.

  3.  Suprisingly Good.


    I saw this film when I was a kid and remember specifically the abduction flashback scene, for years I was trying to find out what this film was called an eventually found it a few years ago. This stands out from most alien films as it has a mystery about it being based on apparent true events and is well worth a watch if you're not a Sci-fi fan.

  4.  Still the classic but.....


    This version did just what I expected it to do, most of the memorable scenes have been tweeked with CGI to give it a more up to date look and these scenes look very nice indeed. However, the transition between pretty new CGI and good old art work is about a subtle as a Sledge Hammer. One minute you're soaked in glorious CGI Cityscapes then you're straight back into the old grainy look (which is better).

    Some music/sound effects have been updated most notably at the start during the opening credits but its just polish and still keeps the feel of the original soundtrack.

    You won't find anything vastly different in this rendition and the re-furbed scenes are for the most part short and don't always gel very well with the original footage but it doesn't take away any of the films authenticity by over doing the CGI. If you're a collector this is something you would really only need to bolk out you DVD Shelf but to if you're new to the series then this is the modern version for you although seeing as you can pick up the original for the same price as a Peanut then I'd go with that. Happy viewing.