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  1.  Really don't get all the hype


    I can't understand all the rave reviews about this game I really can't.
    Its not as good as fallout, graphically or game play wise
    The combat is rubbish
    The driving element is childish
    The AI is rubbish.
    The graphic detail is rubbish
    It was to easy
    It was over before it had begun.

    It doesn't stop there I was just starting to get into the game and I had done the last mission. The driving was to easy. On hard I never had to call a tow truck. The monarch car just blew through anything. The combat was tedious and frustrating. I think nowadays some sort of duck and cover system is expected. The bullet damage was unrealistic and some bad guys needed several head shots to kill them.
    The barter system was flawed as several items had a higher resale value so you could just buy stuff and sell it straight back at a profit.
    The racing was very frustrating it took me several races to realise you only won certs the first time you raced it so no replay value at all. However if you wait until the end and just blow up loads of the authority cars which are ridiculously easy to destroy the chap in the bar will give you dozens of racing certs.

    A real pity because with a little more work this could have been as epic game. All it does is unfortunately continue the decline of PC gaming.

    I have read reviews where people say it is the best game ever?!?!? I can only think that this is the only game they have ever played then.

    Lastly because it is a steam game I am now stuck with it. I hope the DLC is free!

    Oh and I never suffered from the issues most pc people did so cant really comment on it.

  2.  Great Fun


    Like all the other Lego games great great fun. Not a HP fan but this game convinced me to buy all the films and have HP session so I understood what was going on. Needless to say now a Harry Potter fan. (The books are on order).
    A message to Steviekid I think your computer has a problem. 1st you claim Lego Batman is buggy yet I have never had a problem with it on several PC's. 2nd what loading times???? I have a i7 2.66, nVidia 280gtx and the level loading takes a couple of seconds..
    I have enjoyed all the Lego games and not had any problems with them. Cant wait until Lego Toy Story :)

  3.  The Ballard of Gay Tony is Legend


    Before I start my PC spec is:-
    i7 920 2.66ghz
    6gb ddr3
    GTX260 896mb
    2 Velicraptors in raid

    For those of you having problems even though you have good spec pc's gta 4 is all about your graphics card. It knows how much memory your card has and even though I can have several apps running a the same time and my cpu doesn't flinch I can only run gta around 3/4 of its potential. Why? cause I only have 896mb of video memory. Perhaps when I get a gtx480 with 2gb things will be different. I could have 32gb of system memory but gta would still run the same.
    The Game. TLATD is rubbish! I found it boring and dull. The bike handled like a cow and it was over before I started to get into it.
    The Ballard of Gay Tony however is super duper wow wow wow wow.
    New cars, new weapons, altimeter and sub missions coming out its ears. Yes Luis accent is very annoying and the drug war missions are all the same but the night club scene is fab, the missions are brill and it just makes the whole gta genre worth it. Its legend and in my mind its the highest praise I can give.

  4.  Good but somehow lacking.


    Firstly to the people whining about gamepad support. If that is all you can moan about go and buy a kiddie console!
    I had decided to replay Bioshock 1 (which now works in Win7 64) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once again I was drawn in by the idea of Rapture, captivated by the plot and loving smacking splicers round the noggin with my icy wrench.
    Started Bioshock 2, loved the better graphics and that was it. The settings in Bioshock 1 were grand and hinted at former glory but in 2 I was playing in big shanty town connected by sewers. However it is all beautifully drawn but the developers should not have been afraid to incorporate settings from the first game. I felt the best bit was when you saw rapture through the eyes of a little sister.
    The game play is great at first but quickly settles down into a wave based shooter. Gather Adam and a wave of enemies attack. Get near the end of a level and once again defeat a wave of enemies to continue. Something important happen defeat a wave of enemies and so on.
    I played on the hardest setting from the off and didnt find it that challenging. My biggest gripe was the weapon and plasmid controls. Why why why put the plasmid in the left hand and use the right hand mouse button to fire it. I remapped my controls but it was very hard to stop my finger firing off my plasmid when I really wanted to riddle an enemy with bullets. I think simply changing the hands over would have made the game smoother.
    I think for this game to be perfect it needed a bigger variety of enemies, strong end of level bosses and to be twice as long. I did this game on hard and it took me around 4 hours. I checked a walkthrough and I had found all but 3 diaries and all power to the people stations.
    I am waiting for the multiplayer to settle down so I can get into that but all I can hope for is an add-on pack or 2011 when Bioshock 3 comes out with the movie.
    Thanks for reading

  5.  Dont whine about the keyboard, buy a gamepad!


    An excellent game that gave me many happy hours of lego fun. Let me start by saying that with any of the lego games for the PC should be played with a controller. the keyboard is simply not right for these games. There is a right tool for every job and a gamepad is the tool for this one. I just replaced my worn out Logitech chillstream with a proper Microsoft 360 windows controller for under 20 quid. Thanks PLAY!! So a good gamepad in no longer a expensive option. I have played this game on several pcs and never had any issues with bugs so buy with confidence.



    This game is like living in the Batman universe. They should have used this storyline for the last film. The graphics are top notch & the detail is jaw dropping. I am not really an over the shoulder POV fan but I easily forgave this game for that. As with any game there are some iffy bits, the combat can get a bit tedious, the controls are sometimes fiddily and its not particular difficult. However, these are minor niggles in an otherwise superb immersive game. BUY IT

  7.  Not so good


    I was very disappointed, shoddy graphics and boring gameplay. I tried with the keyboard and then dusted of my 360 controller for windows but to no avail. I found that the game is on a constant diagonal travel. So I felt I was always pressing 2 keys just to move in the right direction or I was mashing a thumbstick into the corner. Having just played Batman Arkham Asylum this game is 5 years behind the times. Another terrible console port ruining PC gaming!