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  1. Rage


    PC Games

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     Worth playing


    I can only speak as I find, i'm a huge fan of Bethseda and their open world games. This game has really concentrated on quality of world rather than quanity and freedom to roam. Ive been playing for around 5 hours now and the games is quite linear. Yes you can do some side quests and maybe it might open up a bit more later. Positives great storyline, believable world and characters, quality graphics, quality combat system. Negatives - item building seems poor - fall out nailed the salvage and build system this fails in comparison. I don't know why everyone is raving about the vehicle combat - its okay but detracts from the main game in my opinion. My graphics are fine apart from some occasional tearing, i'll try to fix with the technical advice given. But no real problems - my rig - i7 - 4 GB DDR3 Ram Nvidia 570 card - overall a good game that could have been so much better. If they re-created something like fall-out with these graphics, characters, story, combat system then I would have been truly fulfilled :) Not to worry though epic games just around the corner with BF3 and Skyrim, RAGE will get shelved then.

  2.  Quality


    Its all about quailty this game, they have paid attention to detail and it makes the world believable, been playing for about 5 hours, game crashed twice ^^ doesn't bother me. I was a big fan of the originals and this looks to be in the same mould, I would advise playing on hard to give yourself a challenge and fully enjoy the game and its secrets :) combat is very good though when needed just got my hands on a sniper rifle .... so far so good I would definately recommend on what I have seen so far. Storyline, characters, cutscenes and atmosphere are excellent. (feels a bit like blade runner with the music) If you were a fan of the original you will definately love this I think anyone that enjoys using their brain a little will also enjoy this game. Looking forward to the next thief game..