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  1.  Don't be fooled!


    Don't be fooled by the cover - the photographs inside are almost entirely uninteresting landscape photos. I'm a fanatic for anything relating to soviet history but I found nothing of interest here.

  2.  Awful


    As bad as you'd expect. It only provokes one question: what does this 'tard sound like without auto tune. Boooooooooo!

  3.  Nah


    Too dated and repetitive - I'd give it a miss even at 8 quid

  4.  Excellent


    An extremely readable look at all aspects of North Korea.

  5.  Awesome popcorn flick


    Though marketed as a 'fast and furious' knock-off, this is a far better film: non-stop action, great chases and pile ups with no cgi and a surprisingly decent plot with great characters.

  6.  Good fun


    Good fun! Gears without all the po-faced soap opera.Solid gameplay and hefty combat.

  7.  Bad


    Old school military history: no eye witness accounts or a look at individual experiences ... Just lots of pages where the movement of numbers around maps are described in tedious detail: army a thruster from the south west and pushed back b corp.

  8. Halo 4

    Halo 4

    Xbox 360

    17 New from  £12.14  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.98

     A bridge too far


    Not a bad game, but something that makes the series worse by its addition. Story is just daft: master chief has gone through so much now it is crazy not to let someone else jump into the limelight and instead make him go through ever crazier story arches. The plot also has massive gaps that contradict the lore (yeah I'm sad enough to read the books). Worse, the new enemies are no fun to fight- especially the damn spawning bots. Finally, artistic design collapses here - the final stages look like tron in the worst possible way. It is still halo though- combat is chaotic and organic, but I wish they had explored some other angle of the halo universe and maybe explored some more prequel material than stat a new trilogy that collapses under the weight of past events.

  9.  Superb package


    This addition to the franchise marries everything that conviction did well to the traditional splinter cells of yore: mixing slicker and faster paced gaming, with old school stealth. It's also a generous package: you get a generous single player campaign, lots of ver well designed coop missions and some great spy vs merc adversarial modes too. Up there with tomb raider and last of us as game of the year material.

  10.  Awful


    Forget the hype, there is a reason why point and click games died: no-one enjoys the core mechanics of arbitrarily clicking everything until you randomly click in the right order. WD dresses this up better than most titles in the genre, but the gameplay is still severely limited. 'but what about the story you handsome fool?' ... Well anyone who values the choices or characters here really, really, really needs to read some decent books or even just try a challenging movie - there is nothing here beyond cliched leads and 2d support characters. The choices are also all binary and of no real consequence. The scenarios are even more generic: nothing you haven't seen before or better on celuloid.mAs a parting shot, the game also runs terribly off a disk - you get stuttering, screen tear, desynchronisation and your ps3 will wail like a small chainsaw. I pity anyone who enjoys this; their education system has failed them and as a gamer I am thoroughly ashamed of the review scores this bas pulled in. If you like great games that marry gameplay, story telling and fun then stay the heck away!