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  1.  Affordable and Fantastic Audio Quality!


    As noted by someone prior to myself, the colour is slightly lighter than the image specified. But that doesn't really matter as it's still VERY green and looks even better in my opinion. The price of these earphones are very agreeable. I've been through so many earphones in the past few years that I never purchase expensive ones anymore, after finding these I am sure glad I do. The audio quality is simply superb. Even at highest levels it still sounds great without any distortion. If you're looking for some affordable, great looking earphones with quality to match. Then these are definitely for you. I couldn't recommend them enough!

  2.  Fantastic game, worth the price.


    Purchasing these old games will always be a risk these days but upon seeing the really cheap price of this game in the Used section really peaked my interest. I've been playing the game for a good few hours and I'm really enjoying it. For an older game the graphics is fairly good and you can definitely feel at home in the Star Trek universe. The voice acting of Sulu and Chekov are also top notch. The story is compelling as we all love the Mirror Universe and it just keeps you wanting to play more. The gameplay is a lot different to other Trek games and I really recommend checking out youtube videos before purchasing. I'm rather good at it because I was fantastic at the space battles in Ratchet and Clank 2. Anyway this game is fun, the price was great and I couldn't be happier. Live long and prosper.

  3.  Exactly what you want


    So I was a bit skeptical about this due to only using signed apple products. But as my usb wire and plug began to wear down I decided I needed a new one but didn't want to pay the obvious overpricing that apple products have. So I checked this out, saw favourable reviews and the price made it glow that little bit more. So I took a gamble and bought it. All 3 items came and work perfectly. Exactly what I'd expect. They do feel a bit cheap and weak however but I won't chance being rough with them as I like to take care of my items anyway.If you need a quick replacement, definitely don't hesitate to purchase these. Perhaps these will even work long term... Time will tell.

  4.  Does what you expect it to.


    Bought this wire because I needed a spare, decided to go with a "wild" colour because the white ones get boring very quickly. One thing I do need to note (and the reason it lost a star) is that it doesn't fit in all USB slots and is also incompatible with official and unofficial usb plugs for ipods/iphones. It just makes my ipod classic and iphone 4 flash saying it's charging then not. But upon plugging it into the computer it works fine. So I'll keep it with the computer instead. PS. Yes the plugs are not faulty, I am currently using the original wires and they work fine :) All in all this is definitely a good buy, I recommend it to anyone who wants a spare ipod/iphone wire. Also you can counter the problem of it not fitting in USB ports by plugging it into a USB extender and then plug that into the plug.

  5.  Great for its price


    For the price what do you expect? The perfect microphone? Of course not. But this definitely comes close. It's a very good microphone. I play games over the internet, make skype calls and even make gameplay videos for youtube. This has served me for nearly two years and it's very good. The quality is good and there are various options to turn up or down the microphone. However you have to stay in a fixed position for the volume of your voice to be consistent. Sitting still while gaming is difficult! The only thing that lets this product down is the microphone itself. Like I said the quality is good. Just don't breathe too hard while talking, it really doesn't take any strength of breath on it at all. You'll find yourself talking towards the base of the microphone and not the microphone itself. This results in a quieter volume but at least you won't have the horrible sound of someone breathing hard on the microphone. For it's price I really recommend it, I used it for a long time and still use it today when I can't find my more expensive one.

  6.  Fun game although its age is showing


    I bought this very late after all the hype had died down and many people moved onto other games. The graphics is very good for its time although I'm sure it could be better. Limitations of consoles I assume. As for the gameplay, it's very similar to most other shooter genre games and includes everything you come to expect. The story of the single player campaign definitely gets your imagination to run. Set in the near future the world has definitely taken a turn for the worst. The story is compelling enough to keep you wanting more. However it won't last long, 5-8 hours depending on how fast you are. Beware on higher difficulty, the game uses the age old infinite spawns of enemies so you will get frustrated. The multiplayer is the games best feature. You can drive a variety of vehicles, destroy them and fight against many enemies. The multiplayer is still very much alive even today. It's a cheap game and fun. If you have the spare cash and fancy a few days of fun, get this. If not, you may want to look at more modern games as this one definitely shows its age.

  7.  Exactly what you expect


    Easy to put on your phone if you have a steady hand and a card. It definitely protects the screen as I am very prone to drop my phone often. Not a single scratch so far and I've been using this for months. Highly recommend it, it's cheap too.

  8.  Tidy and stylish.


    This case has to be the best I have ever purchased for my phone, it fits perfectly and won't fall out like other cases out there. The design is nice and the leather is good quality. My kitten managed to find it and there were no scars left by her so I know this case is good. The plastic case inside is very weak though. I accidentally snapped a bit off from taking the phone out but that's fine, the phone still stays in place and doesn't easily come out. The only gripe I have with this case is that it's an absolute pain to take a phonecall. You can only take a phonecall on your left side, you cannot put your hand around the phone to hold it on your right. Although I should have though about that sooner... Kinda obvious really once you look at the way it is... So more fool me. But still a great product and I'll be using this for a long time to come.

  9.  Exactly as described


    I was sceptical about how quiet this was but after taking out my broken psu in my computer and replacing it with this one I was very surprised. I literally cannot hear it. The only sound my computer makes is the hard drive spinning or whenever I have a disc inside it. All wires are present all fit very snug inside the computer. Its slightly smaller than most power supplies but it still fits fine. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a very good power supply.

  10.  Perfect for casual users


    This is a simple enclosure nothing technologically amazing but it will do what you want it to. Just connect up your hard drive screw in the screws and plug it in. As its lacking a fan and any other form of cooling Be sure to use it when you need it and not for long periods of time. I have never had one of these break on me as I only turn them on when I want to use them and turn it off That is what this is for. Its fantastic product for a good price.