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  1.  one of the best trilogies of all time


    What can say about these films, they have action, comedy, sci fi. Seeing these films on blu ray is breath taking and sound is amazing. You simply have to get this box set and with limited edition you get loads of extras. With all three films you get see the past present and future its a roller coaster of ride watching. If you a back to the future fan like my self you simply have to add this to your collection and this day all three films wouldn't look out on the screen, only have one question where are the hover boards lol

  2. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


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     Best footie game


    I had high hopes for thsi game after playing fifa 09, at first glance the graphics look the same as last years till you start to get in to the game and play the controls, 09 had 8 directinally movement with the players and this years model is 360 dergrees you soon notice the difference you can do little trick shots with the players some more then other depending on the skill of the player, you can make your own player and even scanning your own face. The commentary is wonderful and theres loads of modes offline ond online. If your footie fan then you'll love this game.

  3.  Game of the year?


    If you loved uncharted then you'll this game it takes everything from the first one and doubles the fun, controls and graphics and story line. The voice acting once again is brilliant, the story line too and the added bouns with this game is online mode where theres loads to things to unlock offline and online. Which is why i consider this game one of mine or if not my game of year, please if your PS3 owner please buy this game you won't be disappointed, roll on uncharted 3.

  4.  Simply have to buy this game


    If your PS3 owner you simply have to get this game, this is what tomb raider should have been, Brialliant controls, graphics too and voice acting and story amazing. I can't put into words how this game is all i can say is just buy this game you won't regret it.

  5.  off the wall


    Bought this album the other day and loved the album. Every thing song on here is a hit, if your a michael jackson fan then you'll have to buy this album, you won't be sorry. R.I.P MJ, you'll be missed.

  6.  Good Sequel


    Loved ghostbusters 2, great special effects and very funny too. The first film was a classic and it was never gonna be bettered but a really good sequel.

  7.  Decent, but disappointing game


    When i first bought this gamer i had hope for it, good graphics and great control. More i played it the more i became disappointed with it. the controls for the car are really odd it can't make up its mind whether its burnout or GT4, when you get hit by another car you get loads of damage and get spun out and finish last. when you hit a computer controlled car they don't spin out and hardly any damage to the car and they drop back in place. finally the computer controlled cars act too perfect driving round the course. all in all a decent game if you put out with faults and can get for a cheap price then buy, if not your better off waiting for GT5 to arrive.

  8.  Best film franchise to video game since Goldeneye


    What can i say about this game, this game is must buy especially if your a ghostbusters fan like myself, its set a couple years after the second ghostbusters film and you play a unnamed 5th member of the ghostbusters with all the original ghostbusters from the two films with the voice talents of Bill murray, Dan Akyroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, William Atherton, Annie Potts and Alyssa Milano who is playing a new character. The only voice members missing are Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis which is a real shame. The graphics in the game are brilliant but in places its a little patchy and the control work very well but could have been a little more polished but plays nicely and doesn't affect the game too much. The story was penned by Dan Akyroid and Harold Ramis and the plot in the game is out of this world its like watching and taking part in another ghostbusters film. Haven't played the online mode yet where you play as four ghostbusters online and help each catch ghost's but from video's that have seen of online play it looks like its gonna be. In a nut shell you have to buy this game, in my opinion its the best film to game since goldeneye on N64, even tho this wasn't made or based around the film.

  9.  the king is back


    Would like to start off by saying that this game has a blends 2D with 3D perfectly, I've been a fan of street figther since the second and played all of them from street fighter 2 to the alpha to ex. Where i was disappointed with the game is that it still suffers from the same problems, the characters block too much, or they either just keep repeating the same moves over and over. As for the final boss seth the guy has to be the biggest load of crap i've ever played against he seems to be able to do 2 moves at the same time and even knock off so much energy. You'll beat him on the first round, but on the second round thats when he starts cheating its so capcom. So be prepared to go thorough loads of continues. Apart that its a good soild game, theres a training mode so you can practice your moves, you can play the game online. It is a really good and still a worthy purchase just couldn't help but think that capcom could fixed these problems. If your a street fighter fan then you'll love the game and if your new to it then you'll love it, just be prepared to get a little frustrated it.

  10.  Best Wii golf game and on any console


    I was never a big golf fan, but it wasn't till my mate had on the PS2 that i decide to give it. I had it on the gamecube and i loved playing it on it and the versions after that i had on the PS2. I was a little put off by the first two wii versions of tiger, so i took a chance with this game and i highly recommend this game. The controls are almost perfect and with the added all play controls it asks the game even easier to play. There are loads of modes in the game which are more then enough to keep you busy for months not forgetting the online mode. The only two problems i found with the game was that when the caddy gives your reading on the course it isn't always right and the second problem is sometimes when your adding power to your swing sometimes it doesn't give you enough power and sometimes it gives you not enough power to your shot. But apart from that if you are a golf fan or someone that wants to try a new sports game then this is a most game. Can't wait till the next version of it which will be using the motionplus device, making the next tiger the must have version if you wanna experience the next best thing to real golf.