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  1.  Demons souls


    Finished it 2 weeks after it came out in japan,over year ago now i think.got plat for it,so if anybody needs help psn clearwaterunin.
    demons souls is done by same people done kings field a classic game.
    To me demons souls IS ONE BEST RPGS I HAVE EVER PLAYED,and ive been playing sice 1981,wizardry series ,might magic,beholder ect.
    ps the american version here has been made easyier than my japanese version,but its in my top 5 best rpgs off all time. BUY IT!!!

  2.  BUY THIS TV!!!!


    This tv is amazing,bought it for my second ps3 in my bedroom.3 hdmi,lovely sound,and the freeview wow.the tv in my bedroom before never had good picture!!.pluged this baby in got 120 tv channals all crystal clear.for the price this is a mega bargain.
    And i cannot say how much i love shopping with play.com,never any problem with them,this tv will come to you very quick!!!.
    And guy gave this 3 stars????? Slow start???

  3.  Blew me away!! WOW WOW WOW!


    This game is amazing,i cannot belive just how good this game is,one best games i played b4 this was gears of war on insane and halo,but this game blows them outa the water,they arnt even in the same league!!.
    I regret i have never played any off the other mgs series,but it doesnt matter,some moan that to many cutscenes,but boy they are just the iceing on the cake,even when finished it,THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO UNLOCK IN THIS GAME!.
    Now i cannot wait for killzone 2,god3,resistance2,AND I HAVE SEEN A ROUGH CUT OF FINAL FANYTASY 13,i would buy a ps3 just to play that one game,even thoo the ps3 is also the best blueray player on the market,i wont mention hddd lol.



    Firstly i have all consoles,and this is my favourite, why?.
    First off ,it is the best blueray player on the market,why?
    Because if you buy a normal blueray player,once its out the box thats it,IT DOESNT EVOLVE!.
    The ps3 is always being upgraded,all the blueray magazine;s rate ps3 number !,thanks to its fireware updates every couple of mounths.
    Next games machine,with titles like mgs4,uncharted,motorstorm,gta4 ect,and games like killzone2,god of war3,resistance2,little big planet,FINAL FANTASY 13!!,there are to may to list here.

    And lastly quality,my xbox i took back 4 times with the dreaded ring of death,mmm if you look inside a ps3 its ALL SONY,you would be serprised were some the parts come from, in other console's.
    You pay for what you get simple as,ps3 is the future of gameing.
    ps it looks sexy too,a porche v a morris minor"xbox".



    If you loved star wars,your gonna love this.
    Has more puzzles in this than star wars,you could sorta call it,tomb raider lego lol.
    This is a fun game,my daughter loves it,keep eye out for lego batman,which is out soon.

  6.  Nothing like book?


    Ok the nearest film to the book is called"omega man".The first half of the film i thought was ok,but soon as see cgi zombies it GOES DOWN HILL FAST!.
    One day they will do a film,that is actually like the book,and has vampires in it, and not germ warfare zombies.
    Get omega man,its a classic and alot better than will smiths i am a legend ego trip!.

  7.  good


    Got blueray from america,mmm were to start.Ok the first 20 minutes are boring,"ok it was needed to flesh out the story and characters".

    I and my family really enjoyed the film,hence 4 stars.but i felt that there should have been more,sorted reminded me of lost,wonder why lol.it just seemed abit rushed in places.if you liked this keep yey out for film called rec,very similar.

  8.  AMAZING!!!!


    Best zombie film ever,take no notice if some peps give one star,they gave turok 5 stars????Muhahaha!.
    this is what it is BABES GORE AND WHOLE LOTTA FUN!!!!.

  9.  AMAZING!!!!


    So loved this series,really hope do season 2..As for cameron spinning in grave?,he is said he loved the series.
    roll on cristian bale in t4.

  10.  ninja gaiden sigma


    Every now and then a classic comes along,i never played the other versions,but boy do i love this.lol some people think its hard?,lol try playing it on HARD.i love this game,nearly fin it on hard,and will play again when fin it.
    Tip for best wep in the game=power up that wooden sword.ps love the cats in hard mode.