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  1.  Fantastic!


    I wasn't too sure what to expect when I began watching this (over the period of a wet weekend), but after the first 10 minutes........I was addicted!
    Even though the title tends to evoke thoughts of Jack the Ripper and the events of 1888, this is gritty, realistic and original as it's actually a victorian detective series which tackles the issues and crimes of the time!
    If you're a fan of stories from Victorian London etc......a must see!!

  2.  Nothing New


    I was looking forward to seeing something new that hadn't been screened before, and as this offers 3 discs claiming that "125 years ago the reign of terror began", was under the impression that there would be fresh opinions and decent factual observations revealed for 2013.
    Unfortunately, this proves to be nothing more than a repacking of 2 old and rather bland Jack the Ripper documentaries each on disc 1 and 2, and a 3rd documentary on disc 3 which mentions Jack the Ripper in the last few minutes!
    Definately a clever marketing ploy, but avoid if you're looking for anything interesting.

  3.  A Visual Triumph!!


    This is a period movie unlike any you've seen.
    It's delivered in such a beautiful and seamless way but adopts an almost stage like atmosphere in which both the sets and scenes glide effortlessly to relay the story in a very understated way.
    Unlike any other adaptation, it is breathtakingly beautiful to watch and extremely unstuffy. The characters are understated whilst the story remains the focus, and unfolds at a perfect and precise pace!

    A must see!!!

  4.  Underwhelming!


    In comparison to the first series, the second has proved underwhelming, and lacks the punch and impact I'd hoped would continue throughout.
    The cast, production and sets are brilliant, but the storylines are all over the place and seem lacking in any direction or strength.
    The fact that series 1 had strong leading characters and plotlines has unfortunately resulted in providing a benchmark, which this series doesn't quite live up to. Various scenes also appear to rely on dialogue which at times prove unnecessary and only serve to fill time.
    Hopefully series 3 will offer the brilliance and impact that series 1 delivered.



    Initially had little interest in seeing this, but upon learning that Micheal Hirst (Elizabeth, Elizabeth The Golden Age) had written this, I decided to give it a go!
    I was hooked from episode one, and the production is nothing short of perfection. The sets and costume design are exquisite and visually stunning, as are that of the performances of those involved.
    A must see for fans of historical drama. 10/10

  6.  Unexpected pleasure!!


    After reading various reviews of AHS and hesitating as to whether to watch, it never mind buying it.....I decided to sucumb and do both!
    I was hooked from episode one and ended up watching all twelve over a 2 day period!
    The comparison between 'Twin Peaks' initially put me off, although I was relieved to find that AHS is a masterpiece within it's own right!
    The storyline is great as are the performances of the cast.....and the fact that there are various characters both dead and alive, keeps the tension and stroylines flowing.
    Highly recommended!!

  7.  Excellent!!


    I didn't quite know what to expect from this, as I wasn't too sure how seriously I could take Daniel Radcliffe in a role other than HP, but I must admit........ I LOVED IT!
    For lovers of traditional old fashioned ghost stories, this is a must, as it relies solely on the strength of the story itself and not cheap gimicks.
    This film is beautifully shot, and is extremely atmospheric with it's traditional English country house and village setting, which thankfully means that there is no reliance on gore or unnecessary violence to tell this tale.
    The cast are brilliant and at times could be described as almost understated, and Daniel Radcliffe shows he can take on roles other than those we are used to seeing him in!
    I highly recommend this, and look forward to watching again and again!

  8.  Horrible and desolate!


    After reading various reviews about this movie, I wasn't too sure of what to expect........but after watching it, all I can say is.....horrible!!!!
    This is dark and depressing and holds nothing back.
    It has no shock value or even a story line, but offers a window into a life which lacks both feeling and emotion, and only shows a very sad depraved life without the slightest hint of explanation!
    I'm sure there are people who will call it a work of 'Cinematic Art', I can only call it what I see.....DESOLATE!!

  9.  Great Movie!!


    This could be the beginning of an excellent saga, as it has the potential to expand on the basics shown in this movie.
    The movie tells the story of Hanna and who and what she is, as well as how she became so......but for some reason lacks further depth or punch to fully explain the story to it's full potential!
    Great performances by a brilliant cast, although the best for me was Jessica Barden who plays Sophie.....unintentionally funny with some great one liners!
    A must see if you like action!

  10.  A feast for the eyes!!


    This is a work of true beauty, as it easily awakens the childhood memories of the classic fairy tale without even trying.
    It is visually stunning and manages to capture the ethereal beauty of the plot, characters and storyline as a whole!
    I highly recommend this movie, although if you're expecting gore with lots of blood and guts......then avoid!