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  1.  brothers to the end!


    Got this on release day and loving it so far! About half way through campaign and not even looked at multiplayer, horde or beast yet! Best game in an awesome trilogy, interested to see what dlc comes out before buying the season pass though.

  2.  amazing value for such a great game!


    Totally love this game and at this price with all the dlc it is a steal! Not sure what people are talking about when they say they have to download the dlc from live, my copy came with one disc for the game and one disc with all the dlc which was then installed to my hard drive. Took probably 10 minutes to do it all but thats ok cos you can go make a drink or whatever while it does it! Buy this game now, you will not regret it and it will keep you going for ages!

  3.  Hilarious!


    I have just been to see this show at the Brighton Centre and it was fantastic! Alan was on top form, even if one lady fell asleep and another went into labour during the intermission!!

  4.  Great book loved it!


    I won't go into detail about how good this book is, anyone who has read it should know already. I will just say that I disagree that the ending fizzled out. I think that jk just wanted her characters (esp. harry) to finally get a happy ending after all they went through.

    Thank god she did, do you really wish she had killed harry off (permanently) instead?

  5.  amazing!


    as we all know michael bay doesn't do small in his movies, but this has gotta be the biggest yet. more transformers, more guns, more explosions, just more!! action packed and funny, this film has it all.

    awesome and even better than the 1st!!!

  6.  Awesome!


    Just played demo on Xbox Live, and even though you have only one mission to do, is great fun and you can blow up pretty much everything! Only thing I think it needs is a way to zoom when shooting, does anyone know how to do this?

    Despite that, great demo, will definately be considering this when it comes out!

  7.  Amazing movie!


    This film is awesome! Just got the dvd and loved it just as much as the cinema. OK so its much cooler on the big screen but it still rocks on dvd! Great effects, great action and hilarious in places! Buy it now!

  8.  awesome book, well worth the read!


    This is a must read for anybody who is into Warhammer 40,000 history, especially history involving Chaos! I don't even play 40K anymore and I loved it!

  9.  Amazing! Beautiful and action packed at the same time!


    What can I say? This book is incredible! It took me about 6 days to read and I wish it didn't have to end! That said, the way she unravelled the web of mystery she has created and answered all the questions was a work of genius. I had tears in my eyes at several points and I don't mind admitting it! I just wish there was some more to come. Ah well, my HP fix will have to come from the movies and the fan fics from now on!