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  1.  Superb Entertainment


    Don't know what film the other reviewers watched but this is great entertainment from start to finish. Yes it is half an hour too short and it is not a remake of the original but what a great film. I watched this on my new 6 series Samsung and BluRay player pumping out of my Bose system and the picture and sound is the best I have ever seen and heard on a Bluray. 5 star mindless entertainment.

  2.  Really enjoyed this.


    I purchased the X-Men Quadrilogy which I have reviewed. Althoug I love the movies I wasn't that impressed witht he quality of the first 3 transfers but Wolverine has made up for that. This is what a Bluray should look like. Sharp and colourful and to top it off the movie itself was thoroughly enjoyable with a decent story and plenty of action. Well worth the purchase as I will watch this one again and again.

  3.  Good mindless entertainment!


    Didn't know what to expect from this so I rented it. What a suprise. Action from start to finish with a great picture and great sound. Never understand people slagging this type of film off. The best thesps in the world will not star in these films so you get what you get. It's GI Joe so the story was never going to be taxing either so just watch it for what it is and enjoy the special effects. After all thats what these films are all about.

  4.  Amazing transfer quality!!


    Always loved this film so bought it on Bluray hoping it was a good transfer and boy was I amazed! The picture quality is fantastic and it was like watching an entirely new movie. Wished they would put this much effort into other transfers!

  5.  Great entertainment!


    Just watched this with the wife and kids and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Great picture if a little grainy in places, and fantastic sound through the amp. The action is none stop with a good story, despite other reviews, and some great humour. Megan Fox looks absolutely fantastic on Bluray!!!

  6.  Mind blowing!!


    I watched this whwn I was a lot younger, probably too young, and although I enjoyed it I didn't quite know what to make of it. God I am glad I bought it on BluRay. For a movie made before man went into space and had no real clue what it was like, this is a vision. Beautiful visuals and sound even though it was made a year before I was even born. I now get it. It is open to your interpretation but it was quite profound when I watched it again. For older, wiser minds I think. An amazing BluRay.

  7.  WOW!!


    I bought this after hearing her cover of 'I Want to Know What Love is' on the Fix Factor! I thought this version of this song is amazing so I took a punt on the album. Wow. Every song is great. Glad she has gone back to making decent music again. Fantastic album.

  8.  Great story, great 2D and great 3D!


    Bought this because the kids loved it. When I sat and watched it with them, I also loved it, great story. The 2D version is as you would expect for a Bluray digital animation, superb and the 3D works really well, about 1000% better than The Santa Express! You can really see the different layers of depth and in some parts items really appear to stand out from the screen. A great Bluray disc.

  9.  Far better than the first 2 prequels!!!!!!!!


    If you are a Star Wars fan or not, this is a must own BluRay. Great picture and sound quality like most BluRay animations but best of all, the stories, pace and action in these animations puts the movies to shame!! The preview of the second series looks even better. Great.

  10.  Not much effort put in on this one!!!


    Not going to say much on this one as all the other reviews cover it. Seems to be differing views on the quality but I have a very high end setup and I would say this is a slight improvement over a DVD upscaled in my Toshiba XDE500 super upscaler. If you want to compare with a similar older film, watch the Braveheart Bluray. They have really put the effort in on that one.