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  1.  The most flawed game in history


    what with the hacking, glitching and exploiting that goes on. It seems that the other reviewers haven't noticed these minor problems.

    I've owned this game for 3 years and have just started playing again after 15 months, having left it in disgust. It is riddled with bugs that have not been patched in the 6 or so that have been released so far, so expect installation and playing issues, with crashing randomly one of the old favourites. Punkbuster, the anti-cheating system, also commonly kicks you for no reason you can understand.

    The game can be the most obscenely overbalanced from any I have ever played as jets are practically indestructible and choppers can hover out of range of AA and anti tank. You have to question any game that allows players to get a 70/2 kill ratio on some maps. 40/0 is not unusual in jets. The AA is also useless, if you use it all it does is act as a target for the pilots.

    Armour is also unbalanced, with 30/2 scores not unusual and whilst I specialise in anti tank you can't really stop 2 engineers in armour auto repairing themselves. There is also the rocket passing through vehicle bug where your rocket can make a direct hit and still miss.

    The commander position which is supposed to assist the team is usually occupied by someone you wouldn't ask to post a letter for you, so hinders the team and in some cases no commander would be better.

    Forget the expansion packs, I have Special Forces and don't even have it installed, there were hardly any servers years ago, so there will only be a few if any now.

    So if you want a game that is unbalanced and usually full of the mentally questionable where you can own a server of 63 other people just by flying a jet, you'll love it. Some maps you can even prevent the other team by landing on an island for the whole round simply by straffing them with a chopper.

    For the rest of us there is 64 player server; multiple classes that if played properly are very good; squad systems that if used properly can slaughter the oppostion; commander position that can be a change from shooting people directly and a points based rank system that whilst you can track your progress forget the leaderboard unless you a) want to hack it which happens often, b) stat pad with your friends or c) mow down millions in your invulnerable jet/chopper/tank.

    Give it a try but be prepared to be very frustrated at not being able to stop the gaming gods as they are out of reach; die a lot, and my best piece of advice - server surf until you can find one not being ruined by someone boosting their sad ego with 70/x kill ratios. You'll also learn about claymore and nade spamming, another exploit they have never fixed.

  2.  A great little game most people will have missed


    Nothing new being as this is an FPS, but it is based on the world of Tron from the 1982 film. The graphics emulate the look of the film and it has a Far Cry effect where you actually stop and look around whilst playing as the environment is render so well and in such a novel way, being as it is set inside computers.

    The storyline is quite linear, which isn't particularly a bad thing, but there is the option to upgrade your stats and there are numerous defence, attack (yes the disc is in there) and utility programs to find and download that also enhance play. These can also be upgraded from alpha and beta to gold. A hint here is to upgrade energy and health to max first and ignore the other stats, you only learn this from playing it more than once, otherwise death loops can be got into from not having enough of either.

    Irritations are it is a frequent quicksave game as there are no waypoints apart from level starts and cut scenes and death is just around the next corner, but once you are into pressing F5 this ceases to be a problem. The other thing I find odd is that when I played this initially a couple of years ago it was choppy and I put this down to the machine spec. This doesn't seem to be the case as I am now playing it on a 2007 dual core, 2 graphic card, 4 gig machine and wouldn't expect a game from 2003 to cause this any problems. It does pass though, so it is a minor annoyance.

    Overall, one most people will have missed and as far as I am concerned is novel enough and of a quality that it warrants a couple of plays through at least and is definitely staying in my collection to go back to in the future.

  3.  Takes a bit of time to get used to, but fantastic


    This is a bit of a hybrid game, I was expecting an FPS but it's more like Oblivion or STALKER albeit with an option to pause and set up combat moves that are then played out without any control. That's not a bad thing and as another review says the first planet is rather dull and initially hides what a fantastic game this really is.

    If you persevere you won't be disappointed as you get the freedom to move around five different planets and do the quests in whatever order you choose. There are obvious benefits to doing what would be the easier planets first, taking on the Sith at low level probably wouldn't work.

    There is also the freedom to choose the light or dark side of the force relative to how you interact with those you meet and what way quests are completed. One of the most entertaining characters in your group is a dark side assassin droid that has no love for 'meatbags'. The novelty in the quests is that they have multiple ways to do them, with the simplest being destroy. It is intriguing trying to work out how to complete the other more complex ways.

    If you are a Star Wars fan then this is a must, although it is a little irritating that the game designers keep using Yavin, Kashyyyk, Tatooine, etc. in all of the games, with only one new planet and species introduced. A whole galactic republic and the entire history of it revolves around a handful of the same planets. Also bearing in mind that it is supposedly set 4000 years before the films not much changes in four millennia, it wouldn't be that difficult to overlay the Episode I/IV cultures and not see much difference.

    The last small gripe is crashing and character freezing. Even patched I had a number of crashes and for some reason the characters sometimes lose their ability to move in combat even though I chose it under the options. This means you can get cornered and not get away, leading to dying and having to reload a previous save.

    But, these things are minor, don't let them stop you getting a copy and expect to be entertained for at least 30 hours.

  4.  Very underrated game


    I bought this when it first came out in 2006 full price and thought it was good then. Having just replayed it my opinion of it has gone up more.

    Taking the 3rd person view of Tomb Raider there isn't particularly anything in the game that you won't have seen before from 3rd/1st person shoot em ups and that is probably why it was so under whelming when it was first released. Saying that there are still things to learn and only on the second play through does the quality really start to show.

    For those familiar with Rogue it's enjoyable and in most instances you'll probably stick with Gunnar and ignore the other weapons upgrades not in the strip, I certainly did. For those not familiar, the storyline of the traitor general should hold their interest, sound and graphics are good and I only came across 2 bugs in the whole game.

    Now it's budget there is no reason not to try it, you shouldn't be disappointed.

  5.  Amazing


    Ummed and erred over the S panel debate for months, but have taken the plunge and the screen is amazing. So much room, although it's going to take a bit of time getting used to over the 4:3 format.

    ET:QW looks great, so if you want to upgrade, do it.