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  1.  Superb Phone!


    I have this phone in red and have been using it for months now. I'm glad to say it hasn't given me a moments trouble. Excellent call quality, nice loud ringtones and a great music player given that it's a "C" series cybershot phone. The T9 dictionary is great and it stores an editable list of all the words you add - very handy. Some other users have described it as a "fingerprint magnet" but this is no more true than of any other phone in my experience. The 5mp camera is great and the dual LED flash good, but not as good as the xenon flash on the k800i. But I suppose you can't have everything...Really glad I bought it and if you are wavering - go for it!

  2.  Superb album!


    This is a must buy for any music lover. Labelled as drum n bass, but don't let this put you off if you're not a dnb fan. To be honest it's a genre defying album. Thrilling riffs, electronica, rock and sheer excitement from start to finish. Pendulum surely are a class act. Buy it and you won't be dissappointed!

  3. Veneer


    Jose Gonzalez - CD

    5 New from  £4.50  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.98

     Profoundly Moving


    I must admit, when I first played this I was a little disappointed as it was so understated. There was the standout track of 'Heartbeats' and I couldn't really appreciate the rest. By the second and third plays I found it profoundly moving. If you're feeling down, sad, poorly, or just need a lift this album is the one to do it. It is just so soothing and uplifting at the same time. I'm just so glad I bought it and gave it a second chance.

  4. Timeless


    Sergio Mendes - CD

    17 New from  £2.74  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.56

     Incredibly Inventive...


    This is an incredibly inventive album, merging latin beats with hip hop, R n B and pop. Listening to it just instantly takes you to the summer as you marvel at what twisted and gifted mind decided to fuse these styles together. Not a duff track on it - a real 'must buy' for any audiophile!

  5.  A great little player!


    The sound on this player is tremendous, You may need to play around with the graphic equaliser a bit to see what suits you best. A lot of peope have reported crashing/freezing problems. A lot of crashing occurs for four reasons:

    1. Because the firmware needs updating. Don't assume that just because you've bought it new it has the latest firmware installed. Mine didn't. This is easily accessed by going to Creative's website and downloading the rescue tool. Once you receive your player give it a four hour charge and then first download and update the firmware. The unit is usually not charged when it ships so will not respond when you switch it on and your PC won't recognise it. Don't panic and think it's faulty! Just plug it in and the blue light at the side of the on/off switch will start blinking gently and the screen will come to life.

    2. Whatever you do don't unplug the player from your PC when the animation is still moving.

    3.There is too much media in the player. Like a PC or laptop it needs a little room in the memory to operate efficiently. What you get won't be 32GB anyway, as all manufacturers do, the storage space is rounded up as it is easier to sell a player as 32GB instead of 31.5 etc. Also formatting takes up some memory. To prevent freezing/crashing leave at least 10-20% free.

    4. You've got a monday morning or friday evening unit and it's a dud. If you get a white screen it's a dud. Send it back. For this reason keep your invoice and packaging for the 12 months guarantee.

    The player does have a tendency to freeze when transferring a lot of data. A needle or paperclip in the reset button at the bottom restarts the machine without losing any of your music.

    There's no need to install the supplied software if you have windows vista - the PC recognises and installs the latest the drivers when you plug it in. You can then use Windows media player - it's a breeze to transfer tracks. One benefit of not using the supplied software is that your album art is more reliably transferred over.

    A couple of hints - to get back to the main menu press and hold the back arrow button top left. When playing audio, the up/down buttons on the D pad work to adjust the volume so no need for a dedicated volume button. Bear in mind that the unit is not FULLY compatible with all SD/SDHC cards - again look at the creative website to see which cards are fully supported. You need to activate the memory card through the players menu and then it will be recognised as an external drive.

    Regarding the battery life, it needs a good four hour charge initially then 3 or 4 full discharge/recharge cycles to optimise efficiency. use the 'hold' button to switch off the screen when it's in your pocket and turn down the screen brightness and backlight.

    Only four stars from me as the memory card doesn't integrate with the main menu (Creative what were you thinking of?) and it reaches nowhere near 25 hours continuous playback. All in all a great little player though and one I would recommend. Get a case though as it's easily scratched.

  6.  Excellent buy


    These headphones are simply superb. They cope with bass, mid range and highs very well indeed. The noise cancelling is excellent. I bought them to go with my Creative Zen player and the sound was a million times better than with the supplied 'phones. They even come with a cleaner, and jack for use on aeroplanes as well as several sets of replacement buds. I've used quite a few earphones, some more expensive than this, but the Aurvana beats them hands down. They need a day or two to run in properly so bear this in mind. They are very light and don't come with a cable the length of a skipping rope - a real bugbear of mine. It would have been nice to have a volume control on them but you can't have everything. Buy these, you won't be dissappointed!

  7.  Fantastic!


    I defy anyone to dislike this album. This is really music to make you smile! Great for parties or when you just need a lift. Reminds you just how great Norman Cook really is. And to think he was in the Beautiful South...

  8.  Outstanding!


    This is an exhilarating ride the through some of the 'phonics best moments. A truly outstanding band that are excellent live. I had the opportunity to see them in a small working men's club in 1997 near their hometown before they had become the phenomenal act they are today, and it was obvious they were destined for great things.From humble beginnings now they fill stadiums and rightly so. This is worth buying even if you own all the albums as it's a reminder of how truly great the stereophonics really are.

  9. Lungs


    Florence & The Machine - CD

    25 New from  £4.61  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.19

     Superb album!


    With a sound that defies categorisation Florence and the Machine have produced what is arguably the album of the year. I bought this on the strength of recommendation only and I'm so glad I did. I've hardly stopped playing it since I received it.

    Typically Flo starts quietly and builds to an overwhelming harmonic crescendo. The only sightly flawed track is a 'Kiss With a Fist', which along with the questionable message sounds like a total imitation of the White Stripes. Despite this it is stll hard to dislike it given the humour of the lyrics.The influence of PJ Harvey as well as Siouxsie and the Banshees is heard, but this Gothic sound is all Florence Welch's. You won't regret buying this.

  10.  Fantastic!


    Driving beats, catchy hooks and Beth Dittos voice superbly strong and melodic above it all. The perfect antidote to all the manufactured girl bands out there with their sacharinne sweet sentiments and supposed 'sex appeal'. Give me Beth every time!