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  1.  Finally an official Bad concert DVD


    We're finally getting a long overdue concert DVD from the Bad era. This was Michael Jackson at his live peak. In the Victory tour he was still singing with his brothers and in the Dangerous and HIStory tours half the songs were lip synched/mimed as he focused more and more on dancing. If I go to a concert I want to see the singer sing live at all times. The Bad tour is the only one in which he completely sings live minus his brothers.

  2.  The best NIN album


    This is my favourite Nine Inch Nails album. It has melodious songs throughout the entire album, something the albums that followed this lacked. NIN are sometimes incorrectly classified as a metal band, if you're expecting a record with loud guitars then you will be disappointed, as I initially was. The only song which has prominent guitars is the opener Head Like a Hole, there are guitar parts in a lot of the other songs but only in small doses. Even though the album is mostly electronic synths it still feels 'heavy' due to the intense music. Yes it sounds a bit dated, but that's to be expected as it's over 20 years old and it's part of it's charm for me. Standout tracks are Head Like a Hole, Terrible Lie, Down In It, Something I Can Never Have and Sin. Buy it if you like intense electronic music with some guitar parts.

  3.  Not bad, buy Appetite instead


    If you want to hear Guns N Roses at their best just buy Appetite For Destruction. That is their greatest hits album. There is not a single weak song on that album and it is the best rock album ever made. There are only 3 songs from Appetite on here which is a bit of a joke as it's their biggest album. The song list is ok hear but you don't get to hear Guns at their best here. So I recommend Appetite and if you like what you hear then get GNR Lies and the Use Your Illusion albums.

  4.  Best album of all time.


    This probably the only album I own that you can listen from start to end without skipping a single track. It's full of energetic songs with killer riffs and amazing vocals from Axl Rose. This is one of the first albums that got me into rock music and I have yet to find one that is better. Everyone in the band is talented apart from maybe the drummer Steven Adler, although his sound fits in more with the band than later drummer Matt Sorum. You can hear the bass clearly which is rare for a hard rock/metal album, and it adds to the songs. My favourite songs would be Welcome To The Jungle, So Easy, Nightrain, Mr Browstone, Think About You, Sweet Child O Mine and Rocket Queen. The rest are just as good. I only bought this 6 years ago but this album was a breath of fresh air when it was first released. Back then crappy hair bands like Poison and Bon Jovi used to dominate the charts. To sum up, this record is loud, raw, fast, passionate but also catchy.

  5.  Decent


    This is a decent DVD, however the sound and picture could be better. I would have preferred a DVD of the original lineup or with at least Izzy.

  6.  Extremely frustrating


    This has got to be the worst Pro Evo I've ever played. Everything in this game is just frustrating. You press a button and the action happens 2 seconds later. It's impossible to dribble and take on players, hard to get shots off and is in general slow. The difficulty levels are mismanaged, regular is way to easy and in professional it's hard to even get into the opposition's penalty area.
    Buy PES 2008 or 2009 instead. Those games are actually fun.
    Avoid if you want an entertaining game.