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  1.  Something Different :)


    Daughtry return with a new album providing a new sound that Daughtry fans will love. The album differs from their self-entitiled and their 2009 album Leave this Town. From lead singles Renegade & Crawling back to You the band change gears and roll in with ballads such as Rescue Me & The Start of something Good. The band has also gone with experimental songs Outta my Head, Crazy and Gone to Soon which reach new ends of the spectrum for the band. Gone to Soon will mean alot to people who have had that great loss. Outta my Head & Crazy both give off a more powerfull vieb to the band. Crazy is a music rollercoaster that is sure to hang on fans ears. the rest of the tracks such as Spaceship & Louder than Ever sum up the rest of the album. Songs about relationship struggles and are definatly something interesting for the Fans. Overall i would rank it number 2 on Daughtrys best albums.

  2.  Nickelback Nail it Again :)


    3 years on from there amazing album Dark Horse and Nickelback return with another fun filled but serious album. The band have yet again gone with a album that includes the Rock & Roll lifestyle of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. Tracks like Bottoms Up, Midnight Queen and Everything I Wanna Do include some of the heaviest riffs by the Band and without a dout are must see songs Live. And as usual Nickelback do have their Mainstream songs which are When We Stand Toghether, Lullaby, Trying Not To Love You, Holding on to Heaven and Dont Ever Let It End. All these songs are pure brilliance from the band.....Well saying that im not to keen on Holding On To Heaven but i know alot of their fans will be.

    Overall the Album is almost Mid way Between there last two albums All The Right Reasons and Dark Horse. Another 5 Star Job from Nickelback

  3.  The Truth is... This album is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well what can i say? Theory do become more enjoyable to listen to. I was given a link that alowed me to download the special edition Album. The whole album is packed full of fun tracks such as I Lied About Everything, Bitch Came Back, Gentlemen and Low Life. Then it has the serious tracks such as Head Above Water, Hurricane, Love is Hell and We Were Men. I reviewed each song on star rating and most of them came out at 4* However Hurricane and Love is Hell blew me away. Defiantly two of the best songs from Theory and the only 5* songs on the album. And of coarse the special edition songs are as good as the star 12 that were picked for the Album. I was actually quit disappointed that Does It Realy Matter and Careless weren't put on the Album instead of being put on the Special addition. Theory have also decided to add Villian to this album. This is a song that's been with the band for a while, personally i think they've put this on the special edition to get rid of it. I would call it the only downfall to the Special Edition. It's a good song but it dosent fit in with the other tracks. Overall this album is great and Theory of a Deadman fans are going to love it.

  4.  Another Great Album


    Yet again BSC have came out with another great album that has 12 Great Tracks to it. My favorite track would have to be In my Blood which is a great ballad by the band or it would be Change which is probably's the heaviest track on the album. Unfortunately their are a few to many soft tracks Hence why i use the word "Great" Alot. Despite this BSC still deliver with Killer Chorus's and Heavy Riffs. Brilliant work for the Hard Rocker's :)

  5.  BIG FAN BUT.............


    a debut album has to have a big impact and this album has done that perfectly. however the album's song's all sound very similar. We Cry, anybody there and im yours are the only songs that dont have a similar sound to the man who cant be moved. however despite that the album is very good and a would reccomend it. the best song on the album is breakeven.



    the first album had alot of similar kind of songs. this album has a different approach with more upbeat and catchy songs. definatly a must buy

  7. Nightmare


    Avenged Sevenfold - CD

    22 New from  £4.57  Free delivery

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    they have grown so much since their debut album. the album ofcoarse is dedicated to the memory of the rev and most of the songs on the album show the pain that they sufford from the loss of the rev. A7X have towned down alot on this album compared to previous ones. the band have came up with new and fantastic songs for all rock fans to enjoy, from the softnes of so far away to the screamer god hates us the band have put everything into this album.

    the tracks that stick out on this album are, welcome to the family, danger line, buried alive, so far away, victim, tonight the world dies all of which offer something new from the band. they have tryed a new style that should earn the respect of any rock fan.

    the band have been through so much and have came out with what could possibly be the rock album of 2010. personal favourite song has to be welcome to the family.

  8.  not all the best songs but still very good


    this is a great album and every song on here is a classic. however only 15 greatest hits from 16 studio albums isnt enough songs. still i would think that every AC/DC fan should by this album.



    i think that the gorillaz are an amazing group and i couldnt wait for this album to be released but sadly its a hugh downstep from demon days with very thew rock songs on the album. it's a shame that the Gorillaz have changed their direction from alternative rock to more R N B and dance.

    However the Gorillaz are amazing and even with a change of music genre they still have made some amazing songs. the most impresive song being On Melancholy Hill which is one of the thew songs on the album were we see Damon Albarn vocal ability's used. however their are some other amazing songs such as Stylo, World of the plastic beach, Rhinestone Eyes, Superfast Jellyfish and Some Kind Of Nature.

    Great work from the Gorillaz keep it up.

  10.  not bad for a 1st album


    i think that Nickelback have made a great 1st album with the songs falls back on, fly, just four, i don't have, detangler and little friend it captures nicklback showing their darker side to rock. also just like their 2nd album the State we see alot of similarities to Theory Of A Deadmans 1st album with the structure of some of Nickelbacks early stuff.

    this album is just what hard rock fans want and i would highly advise this to Nickelback, Theory Of A Deadman and maybe even Matalica fans would like this.