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  1.  Very similar to mw2. Best analogy is iphone 4 to iphone 4s!


    I loved modern warfare 2 but hated black ops. This game is basically mw2 but with a new skin if you like. Whether thats a good thing or bad thing is upto the person because modern warfare 2 was a success, so why fix something thats not broken. Also, black ops tried to innovate, but failed in my opinion. maybe infinity ward didnt want to risk it. On the other hand, lack of new features may deter people from buying this game. But the reason why I bought this game is because of playing online with friends because lets face it, this is such a popular franchise lots of people will have this game. Theres nothing more fun than building your team with people you know and ambushing everyone else. I admit it is a little arcadey, but who actually cares, having fun is the most important thing. Its not showing off to other people that your more intelligent just because you play battlefield 3 which is another decent game to be fair, but its too intense with tactics etc.

  2.  Average game


    From someone who adored modern warfare 2 (not black ops though), this game was a let down. For multiplayer, you spend roughly 70% of the time running. The maps, if anything, are too big. Coupled with the fact there are so many campers around, it just makes it frustrating. And then the rare chance you do get into a 1 on 1 shooting position, the guns are so slow to fire, underpowered, and theres no way to fight back if youre attacked first. Melee is a disgrace you have to 2mm or less away from the enemy to get contact. All this tells you one thing. This game is made for people who get a buzz from moving stealthily, camping, shooting from far hidden from view, basically a subtle, slow, time consuming game. It may require a higher iq than cod, but who actually wants to play chess in a FPS? Yes using the tanks, helicopters, jets etc are a good feature, however I personally just like shooting with guns! I didnt like the airstrikes and killstreak etc features on mw2 either. This game really depends on the type of game youre looking for. Im looking for a game with lots of action, edge of seat stuff that requires quick reflexes, no campers , it requires teamwork but not to an extent that you cant survie without your team. This game did not excite me so i will be selling and getting mw3 and hope its excellent.

  3.  Very similar to modern warfare 2


    In terms of single player, I used to love playing modern warfare 2 when it came out, however black ops was a let down because it just wasnt as exciting and I sold it halfway through the game. I bought medal of honour because there were some good reviews from here, and it did not disappoint. If I did not know the name of this game, I'd have thought it was a modern warfare game it really is that similar and the gameplay is so addictive. However the graphics are not as spectacular as call of duty games. But seriously for the price, it is a bargain and will give you hours of fun if you loved modern warfare 2 like I did.

  4.  great game


    Hi this is a very good game. If you want a game which is set in THIS decade and has a realistic story then this is along with a few others your game. Im fed up of all these differnet army games set in world war II etc. dunno why people hype so much about the. This game literally feels like youre there when youre playing and youcan relate to it. The guns are modern, its set out on the streets of shangai and this isnt some poxy mission which you have to do, you HAVE to do it to save your own skin. The online is fantastic, as you can put your own personality into it. You can either be a coward and split themoney after an arm robbery, or you can become a traitor by shooting one of your team amtes, and steal from them. Its got all the angles covered so you have to be very cunning and think like a criminal in how to best stategise your gameplay. I stopped playing because theres not enogh people online, otherwise I would still be on!

  5.  Awesome game


    This is an awesome game because it is just like the old gran turismos. Its not the most action packed racig game so if thats what your looking for I suggest you buy burnout or need for spped etc. This game is all about technical ability when driving, some races may be boring, such as the top gear race with camper vans, but they seriously do test your ability. I didnt even know it would be so hard driving slow cars because you have to maintain your speed at all times otherwise you're finished!. Also what I have laways liked is obtaining the gold tropies in the licenses, some of them are seriously hard to get and literally take hours just to find that extra tenth of a second lol. This is why I like this game cos its for the real hardcore driving enthusiast . It teaches you everything about when to brake, corner etc, even lets you slipstream.
    Having said that the loading times arent great and for what it is, I dont understand why it took so long to develop. Its only a driving game lol theres only so much you can develop. If you love driving cars for the sake of it buy this, if you only like driving fast cars with nitrous oxide and being chased by police etc, this game is not for you....

  6.  dissappointing


    This game did not impress me, i feel it was a step backwards from mw2. I got so bored i couldnt even be bothered to finish the game. To put it simply, its cr*p, total waste of money. just going to wait for infinity ward to make mw3. To all the people saying its a good game, im just going to ask did you get your moneys worth as this is overpriced for what it is.