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  1.  A superb mario a game


    Super Mario Galaxy adds many platforming ideas, forinstance the whole idea about the 3D planets and gravity effect. There are loads of galaxies (levels) which will take a while to complete. Also the galaxies are very inventive and fun. The controls as mario are sharp with many moves you can use. The only problem with the game is that it did not end properly basically making you replay what you already completed.

  2.  A fine wii racing game


    Mario kart wii is a great game but not as good as the previous installment. The game has a fun and challenging in single player mode. Letting you unlock many racers more than ever before (including your mii). In multiplayer you have a few new options forinstance taking the item blocks away. As normal for the multiplayer you have both racing and battle although new to the game is 12 players rather than 8. The best feature in the game is the online, which I personly think is the best wifi game for the wii. Why because it's simply flawless no lag and you can play with up two people per console. Also the online is updated twice a month with challenges with an online score board. Though there was two things I didn't like about the game firstly the items are not as balanced as they used to be. Secondly I found that the level design could have been better. Over all it's a great game you can play four different ways.

  3.  Best nintendo game!


    This game is a unique fighting game. Supporting up to four players at one time, not the usual two. It's the third Super Smash Bros installment and clearly the best. Having 34 stages and 35 playable characters. The characters are perfectly balanced, some are better for newcomers and other characters are better for veteran players. The game has many game modes even online play with anyone or friends. This game is filled with extras in the vault including: Tropies, coin launcher, stage builder and many more. Super Smash Bros Brawl is great fighting that will keep you entertained for hours.