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  1.  based on the beta demo


    The gameplay is pretty much the same, but there have been a few tweeks that have completely altered the way you play. the use of the "battering ram" (grabbing an enemy and running through a croud) is now a major part of gameplay, which has to be used. simple tapping of the square will not work anymore, you need to use everything you can, especially the cestus. the cestus (new wolf hands weapon) is extremely useful, especially against large enemies, chimera and centaurs. they are no where near as good as the blades against a crowd of enemies, but can knock larger enemies meaning they can not attack. another factor that has largely altered the game is there is now many more enemies, meaning a more epic game, and new tactics that need to be used to be efficient. if there are any worries about God of War being a button masher and repetitive, that is only correct, BUT, and a big but, only on the easiest settings, the settings of the demo. on the much harder difficulties you CANNOT button mash or you will die very quickly. so as the other 2 god of war games this will be a first day purchase from me, and i hope it will be for you too.