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  1.  good stuff


    a few duffers, but their is on any comp cd, but it dosnt take much to skip them.

    perfect for what i bought it for, gives long car trips a bit of diversity and 95% of all the tracks r great old and sum newish rock tracks...... but i have to beg the question,,,,,,,,,, how did cher get on a album with rock in the title :O LOL

    go for it, its worth it and cheap if its still the same price i spent :P

  2.  im odd, but i love it


    im usually in to fighty shooty drivey games, but i love the humour in discworld ( audiobooks, i dont read if i can help it ) books.

    and a pythons voice rli made it worth while for me.

    i dont have the pc version, i have the ps1 v, but i doubt their will be much difference.

    funny story, lovable charictors and ok graffiks ( keep in mind its v old ) .

  3.  was very good but


    not as funny as id expect from goldie, but still their were quite a few lafs involved :), if ur a fan go for it.

  4.  robs latest is grand


    still getting used to educated horses, but this one was an instant hit for me, its hevey, its melodic, typical zombie lyrics deliverd with his trade mark lunecy and power.

    its great stuff

  5.  best so far and they keep getting better


    i bought , well i say bought, was given as gifts the 20th aniv season of modles, and i love them ( little problem standing up but blue tack fixes this LOL ), this season of them carries on the great visual value, i only have this one so far, and am very happy with it, sept he looks a little starved, big boss wasnt a super model in the fact he was that thin in the face LOL, but the liknes is gand, and its pre eye patch so gose well next to the last set of him with eye patch and stelth gear.

    but even tho they will be sort after at some point, the collectors modle part of the box art,,,,,,,,,, i ripped mine open and am enjoying it now, if u want to collect it, buy 2, if u want it like me, just buy 1 :)

  6.  i love it. but cant ware it


    i bought it for my girl friend, huge gnr fan.

    but im impressed with the quality my self.

    thick and warming matirial and super ( worn in look ) desighn.

    ( personal preference for the worn in look, i just prefer it )

    great top.

  7.  i love W&G


    the stories and amination of the clays has always had a place in my hart :)

    i just wished id bought this for my self, instead of as a present for somone.

    after xmas, its MINE.

  8.  fanominal film


    it says it all in the title.

    the film is brilliant, and the cast is excellent :)

    plus, a pre facelift Sarah Jessica parker, very nice but in a tastfull way.

    great entertainment.