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  1.  starwars bluray boxset


    ok so starwars is finally making it to bluray lets hope george lucas puts as much effort into as the alien bluray boxset which was fab and includes those deleted scenes of which hardly anybodys seen from new hope and return of the jedi which luke builds a new lightsaber well we will all have to wait and see and would love to see the 2 versions of 4 5 & 6 on the disc just have to wait to sept to see wot mr lucas comes up with .

  2.  super cool tshirt


    well at last we get the star wars tshirt every starwars fan has been waiting for

  3.  sandi thom new style


    well this is different but very good saw sandi thom perform this album live and it did sound amazing keep up the good song writting sandi

  4.  the lord of the rings : return of the king


    ok one of the titles everybodys been waiting for the return of the king yes the pictures great and sound is fab to but typical studio doesnt bring out the 2 cuts on the one disc which it couldve the second disc is a dvd why ? when you couldve fitted this on the bluray no problem 6 months down the line we will have to fork out agian to get the directors cut

  5.  willy wonka and the chocolate factory(blu-ray)


    ok at last we see willy wonka and the chocolate factory the fab orginal movie in hd forget the tim burtons version cause this ones the best ,well in my point of view anyway fab doc with all the stars of the movie this is a movie the whole family can sit down to and not get bored with it s like snow white timeless classic buy it today

  6.  clash of the titans


    ok so this film is old no excuse from the film company that the picture couldnt be outstanding did it with the wizard of oz and gone with the wind i loved clash of the titans ok the sound is better than of the dvd and the new film has alot to live upto with this version my guess it'll not top it my blu ray did feature a sneak peek of the 2010 of clash of the titans buy this if your a fan

  7.  avatar


    ok so i went to the imax cinema to see wot all the hipe was about this film was but to me its just not that great looks pretty acting good but just no real story to it am surprized with cameron after films such a terminator and aliens if your after action you will just have to skip to the last 15 mins thats all the action thats in this love story of a film might be a harse review but as a sci fi buff this film really didnt cut it for me

  8.  cool tshirt


    well waited months for these tshirts to come out was it worth the wait yes really large print on the front and a tshirt a no starwars fan shouldnt have really happy with it bring out more lego plz

  9.  cool


    just got this tshirt could'nt really see it online right but darth vader is on this tshirt to as a starwars fan i was very very happy with it plz chunk bring out more of these starwars tshirts

  10.  startrek XI


    ok i thought id never see a better star trek film than star trek 2 but here it is the actors are all fab and the blu ray is outstanding 10 out of 10