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  1.  Simply Amazing a must buy!"


    I have had a great many phones over the years and this just tops off everything else.
    Forget your HTC hd, or any other HTC phone..
    This is the best product out there and it cant get better!
    Great pictures which can be uploaded from your gallery to your email, so example if you have yahoo, its all automatic! So facebook and sending them to it is just a few simple clicks!
    You have a power widget which you can have on the main task bar, it turns on wifi, sync, bluetooth, and you can turn these on and off when you please. You can also get the HTC weather bar which syncs when you want!
    As for battery, I dont see an issue - I will only snyc email and data when I want and dont need to have all the functions on all the time. I keep the display to medium which is perfect..
    For medium use, charging once a day does the trick! if you want more battery life well you can always buy a high extended battery where the iphone is stuck as you cant..Out with the iphone seriouisly, my brother has it and this is just so much nicer.
    Unlocking the phone is also great, swipe down from the bottom of the key pad and complete a pattern or a code in 1 second using the screen to unlock.. Notifications also great sweeping this down to receive your texts and emails.. amazing!
    The only thing I will suggest is, buy a waterproof case as anywater could spoil it. The android market also has plenty of applications for you to download many free and paid..
    It uses a snapdragon 1ghz cpu which means no lag like the new Blackberry touch at 600mhz.. I upgraded the ram from 4gb to 8gb..

  2.  Caused an issue with Firewall when Installing


    Hi all, I have a high end pc - intel quad to core with 2 x sli mode Nividia 260s and this pc pretty much plays everything with ease. So when I was reading the positive reviews I thought I would buy it.

    I am running Windows Vista Premium with Zone Alarm Firewall and while the installation was three quaters through, windows then popped up reporting "stating" click here to turn on a firewall as my firewall had been deactivated. This is in no way a virus or anything along those lines but I felt concerned that a game installation had caused this. I instantly turned the firewall back on and everything seemed fine. One day later on turning the pc on the firewall was permanently deactivated and there is no shadow of a doubt that Crysis installation caused the malfunction.

    Now I only installed one disk as the software wanted to installed EA Download manager and Game Comrade. Now call me old fashioned being an adult and not a child but when I install a game I dont like having other things installed along side it which really do not interest me. I understand the concept with to assist with the playing and logging/updating of the game but felt this was not needed.

    The graphics on single player is fantastic but the multiplayer side does not seem popular as I could not find any players. Two be honest if your system cannot install 26GB of software and is anything less that what I am running hardware wise then dont buy it. Even my quad core struggled at one point with some of the graphics in game play (only by stalling for a second)

    I am more a multiplayer guy and find the graphics on single player and multiplayer Call of Duty 4 far better than this. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare for PC is still an experience that this game has not quite met. I give a 1 on review because the firewall is a crucial part of a machine next to your router. I give the game play a 2 as single player does not involve your team mates. Your sent out on missions and then you meet up with them during the game once you have completed bits on your own! Whats that!? COD4 is one disk only why couldnt this been that simple.

    Thanks for reading

  3.  Gr8 Game, few Interesting Points to Note


    Hi, bought this game in the last few weeks. Single player has great graphics and real realistic depending on what system your running. Another bonus is that is supports Sli and has the option to select in game for dual cards. I am running a quad core with a 1.5 mb connection and so far after playing an old title for many years of Delta Force have not experienced any cheats on the Dedi Server I play in. The only annoying thing is the map sizes and not easy to hide away anywhere unless using an MP5 which then you cant be traced. Another thing I was not completely happy about is that on installation on the game is does not create a permanent account so in the case you re-format the pc you will lose all what you achieved. That does not take the fun out of th game as you can pretty much call yourself what you like which is the added bonus. There were concerns of not many on multiplayer and all going to COD2. This does not seem to be the case as everytime I log in I have people to play with.

    I would say its the best multiplayer experience around so far compared to other games I have played.

  4.  Awful phone


    In a nut shell -
    Pro's - keyboard easy to use, half decent camera and good video (poor zoom projection), easy access to emails - e.g. yahoo and 8 gig internal memory. Applications easy to install.

    Cons - Streaming 3G is terrible - e.g., well it will load a video then sometimes freeze half way through. Other times it will not load at all.

    Web pages dont always load correctly due to software. Slower than other mobiles using the same software in its range.

    A very chunky phone with the WORST BATTERY life ever!

    Example of a full charge based on 12 hours - 1 hour on the phone - play 6 tracks - play on the internet for 25 minutes and there is your battery gone!" This was a test the other day ok on Nokia's standard battery.

    Thanks for reading. if anyone else says this is gr8 thats probably because that dont use it much.