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  1.  Mass Effect Is Amazing!!!


    This is a complex RPG and a shooter. But funnily enough, unlike most games which span 2 genres, it doesnt do either 1 bad. Leveling up your character to level 60, (802,000 exp) is life consuming and so much fun. The armor upgrades and constant weapon upgrades are well balanced and slowly get better as you level up. You make your own choices and are given dialog options to make your character react to things the way you want him to. Good or Bad, its your character. And the choices you make in your interactions with people in the game will impact the way your game turns out at a later point in your playthrough. This aspect of the game is thoroughly satisfying, and gives you a sence of creative freedom on your character, and makes you feel like this guy really is YOU in this space saga. The game is a huge openworld, chock full of planets to explore in the vast dark eternity known as space, You command your own spaceship and travel the galaxy kicking uber alien rectum!!! You kill robots, aliens and any other intelligent life in the galaxy that you wanna blast away, "just cause they gave you a funny look"!!! The story is EPIC, you will feel like your in a movie after a few hours and this is one of the most the most cinematic games ive ever played. There are a few bugs, like going down a mountain in an uncharted planet on foot, on some planets you will just get stuck and have to reload the game, it feels like there was a little too much empty planet exploration, the way the game organises the items you pick up leaves a lot to be desired, and the elevators are slow. However none of these things are frequent or relevant enough to take away from the whole experience, this game is so amazing. When you recieve your copy, do yourself a favour and cancel 2 days off your calander cause you will be sucked into the universe of mass effect . (Did you see what i done there at the end (oooooh yeah thats good "pun" idge)..... RECOMMENDED

  2.  Bayonetta is amazing!!


    This game is fun, the combat is frantic yet balanced, the game looks beautiful, and is very well presented with no drop in framerate even when theres lots going on on screen. The combat system is simple enough to please noobs to the genre populated by games such as devil may cry, god of war, and ninja gaiden, yet complex enough to please/satisfy the most hardcore fans of such games i just mentioned. this is a game for anyone who likes FUN!!! I recommend it cause it is a lot of fun. Plus there are epic boss battles, and who doesnt love them!!!! Overall every aspect moulds together to create a beautiful looking, frantic, engaging artistic, very polished & exceptionally Fun game. RECOMMENDED.