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  1.  Reviewed From The Demo


    Demo Review; Steam

    The graphics are stepped up from the previous Dragon Age; Origins; the character models and armor are alot more detailed.
    the combat flows really well, very fluent combat with impressive visuals the classes feel like they should when playing them. Within the 15 mins of gameplay i felt like I was being thrown in to the story already at that point.

  2.  Not bad


    If your buying this game expecting the average racing game such as Need For Speed, then it isn't for you, TDU2 is more a social driving game with racing elements. It has a moderate amount of vechiles available with brands well known to most folk and a large world to drive around in with your pals.
    However after a very rocky launch and fiddling with my router for several hours to get past a NAT issue, I was finaly able to start enjoying the game, the controls arn't very realistic which is good for the socialistic type,but not so good if your looking for a real driving experience.
    The Casino is avilable for purchase in the DLC Store and will cost you just under 10 pounds which opens up access to the casino on both islands, giving access to Slot Machines, poker and roulette offering the chance to gain some extra cash.
    Car customization is very low. You can add some stickers using a very ackward and annoying system which once a sticker is in place you cannot delete it without deleting all previous stickers placed in that session.... and will take a good hour plus.
    You can adjust paint jobs with glossy carbon matte and metalic effects.
    Not to mention there are clothes and houses you can buy clothes from once you have gained the correct level; houses give a minimal level of customization all furniture is static and you can adjust the colors and designs of some items not all.

    Overall: Good for the social gamer, not so good for the hardcore racing gamer. Customization is very low on cars, And once on the second island no new vechiles apart from 3 treasure hunt cars, become available. It has a nice blend of off road and concrete roads and tracks with some proper race tracks dotted around for you and your driving crew to practice on.
    The housing is a good idea with some moderate amount of customization with the furniture and wallpaper/flooring (roughly 4-5 different options for sofas chairs tables floors and cielings) but nothing to make you go omg that is amazing.
    I'd only recommend this game if you play it with friends.