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  1.  Being Human,Being Bored more like!!!!


    Worst bbc Tv series to date,bring on something decent to the bbc.....no cheese plz.....

  2.  Demo is Awesome.........


    Not Dissapointed with this Game,will be buying this when the price drops a bit, I liked Fight Night Round 3 & 4 but it took a bit of getting use to with no 4,but this one i got straight into it like no 3, Defo will buy in a few months.

  3.  A Steal At This Price.....A Must Buy......


    All I Say is Buy it,Buy it,Buy it, For this price is just mental for the highest rated ps3 game of all time,your having a laugh, it includes Gta 4 & Gta eflcity, ballard & gay tony all in one box. Crazy...5* out 5

  4.  Better Than The 1st Paranormal Act !!!!!!!


    After Watching the 1st paranormal activity it was a good film,but after seeing the 2nd one i much prefered this one,as it made me jump alot more,takes quite a while to get into it, but when it does it's very good,must warn have the volume up loud and watch in the complete dark at night,i think it was a wrong idea of the daughter to play wigi board in the house,that sure didn't help matters,anyway a good film apart from the first part of it as it's does get a bit boring,just try and not fall asleep,as it does get better later.

  5.  Paranormal at it's best !!!!!!!!


    What can i say, i enjoyed this film, love anything paranormal, even been on ghost hunting trips and people may not believe most haunted but it's similar and trust me your paranoid as hell when you feel something touch you or rush of cold air through u, and objects moving on there own,weird noises occur don't just see it on tv & think someone making all these things happen,its actually doing it by a spirit as people only think of camera tricks,planning etc,you have to experience it in a haunted place with plenty of history and spiritual activity who don't rest due to there unexpected death.but yes i recommend this film as this can happen in real life as i no through a friend who has very similar things happen to her in the night and during the day objects been moved around and strange noises on the landing and hall way,and she lives on her own.scary stuff.

  6.  best Smackdown vs raw yet for psp!!!!!!!!!


    Its worth getting for a psp game,i brought it for 10 quid special offer,so was well worth it, verdict as in my title, best SD vs RAW Yet to come to the psp.

  7. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


    8 New from  £4.46  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Great Footie Game, gets better each year,bring on fifa 12


    Excellent Game, all the game modes are great, only downside is online play with be a pro, my player keeps changing to someone elses when playing 11vs11 online, my player is well skilled up & then when it comes to kick off in a match im some one else with the persons id name and 9 times out of 10 hes slow & cant do much at all,its a bug in the online mode.weird. and people controlling the goalkeeper is a big fat no no, nearly every game u get some idiot running to the half way line and trying to be another player on the pitch & when it comes to saving shots they there out of posistion and can shoot from anywhere and score, ruins the online be a pro mode, EA cut the controlling the goalkeepers out, ruins the online play for everyone, prob just little kids mucking about on the game.

  8.  Biggest Game of the year has Failed!!!!


    OK Game, but the hype for it was unreal and way over board for black ops, newer online play, different campaign & zombies mode, way over priced i think, only because its a popular title / game it keeps it, sells millions everytime & will do so when the next one is out, they should bring out a paintballing version lol be different.

  9.  black nintendo wii


    Great price, Looks very nice in the black version, shame it's only limited edition tho, best be quick if you fancy one of these, but overall i personally think it looks far better than the previous white version.