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  1.  Decent adventure but too much combat


    I like the game's adventure and didn't find it at all boring. The controls are fun (waving burning torches around, whipping things, etc.) but I felt they overdid the combat a bit.

    I was hoping for more 'Tomb Raider' style gameplay with occasional fights, but it just seemed that the fights were a really major part of this game. Great if you like that sort of thing.

    If they had an option to cut down the amount of brawls, I'd give it 5 stars.

  2.  Excellent workout title


    I use this three times a week for a decent workout. I normally push it out to at least 40 minutes, but the standard daily workout probably only accounts for about 20 minutes of that.

    The boxing workouts are decent and the integration with the Balance Board is good. Like all Wii exercise titles you -can- cheat and put less effort in, but you only cheat yourself, eh?

    This is an excellent title for anyone who likes boxing-style workouts and isn't afraid of hard work!

  3.  HAWX is great, feels like "Top Gun - the game" :)


    I have the full game on 360 and PC, my PC usually gets more playtime as I'm in a huge multi-gaming clan (TAW).

    Highly recommend the game and only scored it 4 stars because there's no 4.5 - once Ubi fix their master server lists for PC I'll be happy to let it have 5 (which it deserves on 360)

    The HAWX missions are pretty fun in single player, but really come to life in co-op mode. The PC co-op mode is having problems connecting at the moment owing to Ubi's master server not updating properly, but the 360 Live version works perfectly.

    You level up in the game like in RB6V2 and CoD:WaW, with ranks awarded for XP gains, and XP gains for kills and completing tasks (like shooting down XX enemies with a particular type of missile). Each rank gained unlocks extra planes and weapon packs. This gives even single player missions replayability as you decide to destroy ground targets with cluster bombs this time instead to get the extra XP points, for example.

    In co-op mode you can choose any mission and have 3 players join you to complete it, the twist is that for every additional player beyond yourself the game adds more enemies and ramps up the difficulty! Great fun and can get very hectic as you try to co-ordinate who is going to destroy what - hehe.

    Flying in HAWX is sheer adrenalin fuelled fun. e.g. You dive out of the sky to nail a tank that is nestled between high rise buildings, peel out and then realise that the same high rise buildings are now blocking your exit route so you quickly flip the plane 90 degrees in the air and shoot through sideways between two of them. Or perhaps, you are engaged in a furious dogfight, outnumbered and trying to protect a bomber flight, or even a presidential plane, wheeling, braking, diving, trying to get that LOCK so you can blow them out of the sky, all the time watching them get nearer to your protected plane and hoping you get them before they get it.

    I bought the Saitek AV8R-02 (360/PC) Flight Stick for the game and have not regretted it. Playing the game with a joystick is way more fun than a control pad or keyboard/mouse.

  4.  Fun and frustrating!


    The game is easy to control, in general, but the Arcade controls are better than the Sim ones for some missions (like the dropoff on the train). The graphics work well and the game generally has been fun so far.
    The Frustration is because of the game's save method. If you play campaign, it does not save Checkpoint information - only completed missions. If you have to stop after completing 4 parts of a 5 part mission, you will have to start over from part 1 the next time you load up.
    This gets annoying when you're having trouble with one section near the end of a mission and can't leave the 360 switched on for 24 hours until you're ready for a fresh try at it :p
    /ragequit == /startOver here!

  5.  Great shooter - great fun!


    I bought this originally so my 5 year old grandson could haved a game he could play on our Wii. We have two guns, so pointing at the screen and shooting terrorists sounded like something he'd enjoy.

    My 20yo son and I decided to 'test' it *coughs* and played it solidly for about 3 hours that first night. We still play it every time he comes round and now two more of our kids join in, one of whom is an 18yo office girl - hehehe.

    This is the most fun I've had on the Wii to date and we have around 20 Wii titles and a Wii Fit.

    Yes, it is repetitive, but that's because it's an arcade game - each time you succeed on one of the three missions it levels up, becoming harder next time or unlocking different routes through the mission. I got the game for £15 in a sale, at that price it's a steal!

  6.  Cheap, unresponsive, and great for TW08!


    When they messed up the swing on Tiger Woods 08 and nobody could hit the ball straight any more, people discovered this controller. Those people are now labelled 'cheats' because this controller makes the swing so much easier to keep straight precisely -because- it is unresponsive. :)

    Horses for courses - if you're tired of hooking and slicing at TW08, try one of these...

  7.  Buggy offline - useless online because of the server split


    I love Nascar, watch it on Sky, NASN/Setanta and Ch 5, so I was looking forward to this new incarnation of the game.
    It is let down badly by two things:

    1) Save game corruption in single player offline means you WILL at some point lose your progress and have to start over.

    2) EA split the game into USA and EU versions that cannot race eachother on the same online servers so you cannot get a race as Nascar is just not that popular in Europe.

    I managed to get my copy 'refunded' by a local store who were willing to do me a straight swap for another new 360 title.

    Don't buy it unless EA fix the above issues.

  8.  Boring


    I've had this game since release and it has always bored me. The maps are too small and the main 'tactic' is a zerg.

    If you enjoy FPS games that make you think, you'll hate this one - pure kiddie fodder.

  9.  Not worth the money in my wife's opinion


    I bought this for her and she was very disappointed with it. She says it has very little in it for the money and she's a huge Sims2 fan (has every expansion/pack).

  10.  Excellent FPS mouse


    I love this mouse. I have been playing Quake Wars and TF2 with it for over a week now and couldn't manage without it any more.
    To anyone trying to use it on a wooden desktop, DON'T! Optical mice don't like shiny surfaces that much, get a decent mouse mat - even a cloth faced one from a Pound Shop will work. I use a Fellowes mat with built in Gel Wristpad.
    The extra buttons on the mouse are great to bind to TeamSpeak and/or ingame chat channels and along with my Nostromo N52 it gives me a killer setup.
    Serious gamers will appreciate the on-the-fly DPS switching when they scope in for a kill too.