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  1.  seriously don't get all the hype!


    The first one wasn't totally atrocious but had a few humorous moments. Such below average movies, especially the second one. The second one is possibly one of the worst cinematic experiences i had to endure. Wouldn't recommend it.

  2.  Incredible, plus the whole cast does an immense job!!


    One of the best movies to come out from 2011. Tom Cruise is back in top form. The supporting cast did an incredible job. The action was crisp and intense. Amazingly emotional at times, plus plenty of twists throughout, watch out for it. Highly recommended.

  3.  forget the previous ones, this one is truly immense!


    It is what you read on the cover. 5 times the actio, 5 times the fun etc etc. Doesn't let you get bored even for a minute. Over the top action, stunts and chases. Explosive and packed with gorgeous women. V.Diesel and P.Walker are much better than before. The inclusion of Dwayne J is awesome and adds full throttle entertainemnt into the already great action film. This time they actually used a bit of brains which one was a massive surpise as i'm not that much into the fast and furious thing.
    BUT this one is in a completely different league from the other ones. Even if you're not a fan of the previous ones, don't hesitate to buy this. Trust me if you're an action fan in any way you are bound to love this classic.

  4.  If i could give a 0 star i would


    Heard that it was compared to the hurt locker. To make it clear: this is a joke compared to the hurt locker. The whole film has nothing interesting going on. The lack of plot doesn't matter, neither does the lack of action, etc, but you have to have something in the film which attracts your attention. This had nothing. Almost like Saw meets some really cheap B/C- movie. The art cover gives out a completely wrong idea to the viewer. I could go on forever but i wouldn't even want my haters to watch this atrocious piece of film making.

  5.  good but a little overrated


    N.Portman's performance is immense. M.Kunis surprisingly shines in her role as well. The film as a whole i thought was good but not that good as it is made out to be. Direction is very crisp but at times feels the director is trying too hard to create every moments tense as possible, which seems a little way over the top sometimes. Overall, a good film but far from perfect.

  6.  first viewing-ok, second time- very bland


    Way too short and a film which is advertised as an action blockbuster, hardly has any of it. Bruce Willis is very underused and even though the rest of the cast give their best but still atrocious, cliché script and direction destroy the movie. Far from the worst films i've seen but i expected better.

  7.  a seriously atrocious movie!


    The set pieces are pretty good but the film as a whole is just awful. J.Depp and A.Jolie try their best to save the movie but even they can't do that under the bland direction and script. Starts off ok but then becomes a total muddle. Not saying its the worst movie ever, as i've seen much worse then this but still when you have two of Hollywood's biggest stars head to head in a movie you expect a lot better than this.

  8.  Truly hilarious!


    filled with cracking one liners, witty dialogues and the chemistry between the two leads is to die for. Enough action and the cameos from D.Johnson and S.Jackson are quality. Great entertainment. One of the best action comedies I've seen in years. Highly recommended.

  9.  orite movie!


    filled with good performances, especially from zoe saldana and surprisingly even orlando. a little corny at times but not bad.

  10.  very average


    nothing new. extremely predictable, badly acted and corny. wouldn't recommend it.