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  1.  Hunger Games Is The Best!


    I watched this and thought that the acting and the plot are very good,the acting by jennifer lawrence and woody harrelson is class and you know jennifers going to the top.this made me get the whole trilogy of the books and they just get better,i cant wait for catching fire.what are you doing buy it now

  2.  Just as good as final fantasy X


    i got this and soon as i got into it i cant stop playing it is so good it brings me back to playing final fantasy X.the storyline is amazing,and unsuspecting.the characters are really good who i could get into.

    if you are a fan or just thinking of starting to play final fantasy you have to get this

  3.  good like the films


    ive just got it today and i just started playing and got to say its a amazing game the guns are good the graphics are realistic and the campaign is very good

  4.  New path for dynasty warriors!!!!


    i got this yesterday and have to say it is so good!!!! ive already completed the story of shu havent tried conquest mode as im waiting to my mate gets it. i have to say switching weapons mid battles is very good as you get a good variety.the graphics have improved a lot since dynasty warriors 6 it now gives a more fresher look.its not just fighting to kill the opposite force like zhao yun has to rescue and find liu shan and or like the battle of chang ban when your zhang fei and you have to hold the bridge fighting an onslaught of enemys coming towards you! overall i give it a 5/5 it is really that good, get it and find out for yourself!

  5.  Fallout new vegas


    its much more bigger than fallout 3,many more weapons and now u can mod them with scopes,extended mags.etc.the story takes a bit to kick off but when u get into it it will keep u entertained for ages.when u finish the story there is many more side quests to try.

  6.  Amazing Better Than Assassins Creed 2


    i got this for christmas and just have completed it and i have got to say that it is amazing.the storyline is vast and will keep you entertained throughout and the ending will leave u Amazed.the Multiplayer is very detailed and will keep u busy for many more hours,but they could put more mutiplayer modes in it.

  7.  this is good zombie game


    i got this and soon as i played it i knew it was gonna be good.a lot of people said the graphics are not that good but i think there alright quite good.it has good weapons and melee weapons.