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  1.  worth a watch


    predictable,nothing new,but decent action and acting to keep u entertained if your bored....plus amber heard,alwyas worth a little look if shes in it hahha

  2. Exam



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    I thoroughly enjoyed this film......the actors are not big names but i couldnt fault any of the performances here....the plot was thought out and well executed which often isnt the case with films that take place laregly in one room......the film has 2 main twists,the question (i kicked myself for missing it?) and another twist i did guess early on but was still a good one

    for those who think this is like SAW....its not,at all.....there are similarities,like people being locked in a room,playing some kind of game with lots of twists.....but there isnt horror,gore,murder on any kind of scale u see in SAW...........u can tell its from the creators of SAW,but is a completly different film,but is still fantastic

  3.  watchable


    a decent film if nothing spectacular.....u always got the sense a twist was coming,but once it did it was even more obvious what the twists twist was,well t was for me anyway....never the less a decent film,good acting and thought out plot.

  4.  Very Good but some old material


    I saw this show live in portsmouth,and had the mis-fortune to be sitting in row 4 with the youngest face there,and was owned by him.His audience interaction is up there with the best and his new material was brilliant.only let down is some stuff has been overdone to much and he often repeats himself on stage,but still a brilliant show.

  5.  top action


    Im so glad i read reviews on this and decided to buy it,as its now one of my fave shows!!excellent action and well acted.each series is better than the last,so even if series 1 leaves u wondering what the fuss is about,i urge u to do what i did and have a go at series 2 aswell,and ull be hooked.as the show goes on,the B storylines involving the wives take more of a back seat and the action and plots get better and better.
    If u enoy this,buy the book,inside delta force,by eric l haney,a producer of the show,the book is what the show is based on,and is excellent

  6.  unrivalled


    I could go on for ages about what this is about and why its so good,but id just repeat the other reviewes.this is the best show that has ever been on,and will ever be on in my lifetime i should think.superbly acted,particular credit to the guy who plays Ben.Drama,tension,action,humour this show has everything.
    some criticise it as being to confusing,but if u follow it and see all episodes,its not difficult to understand,and by the end,all amajor questions are resolved.great series,dont miss!!!
    on another note,if your looking for a new great show to watch now,i suggest if u havnt seen them already,The Unit a very enjoyable show,and Prison Break,the only show to come close to LOST

  7.  Buy It Now


    This is one of my fave action films.the action comes thick and fast,is incredibly violent and very realistic with the likes of steve austin and the little japanese dudes martial arts.

    Poor acting, Poor script, very badly shot. Even Vinny Jones couldn't save this movie, as he was terrible in it too

    I disagree with that - the scripts isnt that bad,and who cares,this film is about violence,not oscars,it isnt badly shot and the acting is as good as it needs to be.As for vinnie,hardly a new type of character,but he plays his psycho villain well.great film for action fans.

  8.  hardly nerve shredding


    Im not a huge fan of horror,as they never really creep me out,are predictable and far to alike,however decided to give this a go.whilst evry1 seems to find it very scary,i dont agree,it didnt keep me up all night and at no point was i scared while watching it,and even the umpy moments had no affect as its obvious when they're coming.
    lack of scare aside,its actually an enjoyable film,then tension racks up nicely for the 1st half with creepy moments for the easily afraid,before the ghostbusters arrive with some laughs.the ending was good if slightly obvious,leaving tey way for a second film.
    all in all a decent film,apart from the 15 mins that look more like a circus freak show when the dad goes "further".

  9.  better than skyline


    trailers made this look like a top film,but was in fact a bit of a let down.the effects are brilliant as youd expect from a big budget sci-fi film,but the script is so cheesy,and some lines,mainly from michelle rodriguez,are just laughable.the film seems to be a mish mash of district 9 and black hawk down.a typical war film,but with an alien enemy insted of terrorists.however,its still a decent action/sci fi effort,far better than many,i.e. the terrible,dreadful,pointless skyline.buy,enjoy once but it wont live long in the memory

  10.  great film


    not a fan of bourne films,but this is so much better.similar story,but an excellent film.neeson finest film bar the 5star taken.the twist ending is good and not as obvious as youd think,cos there are so many ideas about the twists u just wont know which it will be.